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At first I thought your title was referring to the white blob in front of the car and the word "coming". And then I thought you were offended because they give them different numbers now. And now I think you're offended over the 911-September 11th thing? Whichever it is, it has no bearing on my wanting to beat the #%! out of that car on a track.
Blue herringbone dress shirt, spead collar, barrel cuffs. Gently worn once, washed twice (had to buy for wedding party). $40 shipped CONUS, paypal +4% Thanks.
Or do a couple warm-up laps and then a few flying quali laps, lol. I'd sooner have a Formula Ford or Formula Renault (or even a Formula Vee) that you can actually race against other people. Then again, having Jean Alesi around could be helpful...
Sometimes it's too good to turn off? The guy's a rock musician and he's got two...wait for it...melodies transcribed in the jazz Real Book, he's the one who must be doing something right.
There's nothing wrong with sounding electronic, which is why there's a whole genre called "electronic music". There is something wrong with using the stock MIDI sounds, they sound cheap and thin, especially the drums and bass. And I haven't used Reason but I imagine it has an EQ, you need to get some of the instruments' midrange out of each other's way. Also, if you want help, the place to go would be
Although watching him win almost every race gets old, Sebastian Vettel is my homeboy after his interview. He made Hamilton look like something of a tool.
PM sent
PM sent. (yeah, this is solely for the required post count of two)
I'm pretty sure you're required by law to have atleast one (1) Bob Marley poster. You might want to look into Home Reserve furniture, they ship it to you ready to be assembled. They've got ok fabrics and most models have storage space built it.
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