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Shoot! I wish it were a size 4!!!
Today I found a recent NWT Ermenegildo Zegna tie and a WOMEN'S bespoke RAF blue blazer from Saint Laurie that fits! To my knowledge, I've never seen a women's bespoke jacket in person before, let alone at the thrift store. Pretty cool.
Navy DB Super 100's Oxxford Clothes suit center vent, reverse pleats, 1.75" cuffs Medium grey DB Oxxford clothes suit center vent, 1.5" cuffs Both suits have the following measurements. C: 22" S: 25" Sh: 18.5" L: 30.5" W: 36" (3" to let on grey, 2" on navy) I: 29" (1.5" to let) Selling each suit for $150 shipped CONUS, extra for international. PM for more details.
Man, I really want to know who the guy was who owned the Oxxford suits I just found. On the label it says AMB. and then the name is cut out, so I guess it must've been some shy ambassador.
As a woman who loves adding menswear elements to her outfits, I think the key to making it look good is actually the same for a man: fit. When I do add menswear to my clothes, I make sure my clothes are very well tailored to my feminine form, so that it's obvious I'm not a man, not trying to be one, and don't look frumpy. In addition, I always try to add feminine elements to my menswear-inspired outifts, such as cropped pants, heels, jewelry, etc., so that my clothes don't...
Oh, Spoo. Who wouldn't love you?Sweaver - Wear your black at night proudly. Looks great at night and at funerals. As to your question about whether a black suit is an informal alternative to a dinner jacket in relation today's society -- DUH. Have you SEEN how the majority of today's society dress?!?! I remember talking with Jesse's (of Put This On) wife once about how men these days get tricked into thinking they need a black suit, and it's usually the first one they buy....
All ties are $12 shipped CONUS (+$3 for elsewhere). All ties are 100% silk unless otherwise noted. L to R Fa├žonnable 3.5" SOLD Hickey-Freeman 4" Versace 3.5" SOLD Robert Talbott 4" Giorgio Danieli 3.5" SOLD L to R Brooks Brothers 4" Brooks Brothers 3.75" Nicola Ferri 3.75" SOLD L to R Smith's 3.25" (raw silk) J Crew 3" J Crew 3.25" J Crew 2" (silk knit) Chloe Homme 3.5"
I find some really great menswear but I'm a woman and am looking to trade for womenswear. My sizes: chest 34 natural waist 28 hips 38 shoes 8-8.5 (39) What I'm looking for: Brooks Brothers classic navy blazer size 4 (or something similar) Brioni, Borrelli, Brooks Brothers, etc. womenswear good lookin' heels & flats good lookin' leather purses dub monks (little ones for my lady feet) What I have: Oxxford DB suits in navy and medium grey 42R Brioni blazer 39R H. Freeman...
It does look like the shoulders are too wide. I think I see divots. This is pretty near impossible to fix, as I understand it.
First Oxxford Clothes finds today. Two DB 6x4 suits, one dark grey, one navy super 100s. The best part: someone had stashed the jackets away in the ugly lady vest section. There was a third jacket but I couldn't find the pants. Oh, what a good feeling it was though reuniting the grey and navy jackets with their pants. These aren't my husband's size, so PM me if interested. Both suits seem to be around 42R and the pants are 36x30 with cuffs.
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