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Is the windbreaker sold out across all sizes?
He is amazing and his shows are a religious experience. Great guy as well.
Meant the seam visibly splits me in half in the front pretty much every time I sit down and it was riding high in the back when I took the pic--the seams creep up every time I'm sitting (need to pull down from knees sometimes before standing) or walking for an extended period. There is also some excess, floppy fabric in the top block which looks odd given fit around seams and thighs. The waist is ~2-3 inches too big when the jeans are fully stretched so fabric bunching...
I want a better fitting pair of jeans. Would appreciate any general or specific feedback on what I should be looking for given these pictures of a size 32 NF Slim Guy Broken Twills and Levi's 559s in 32. Didn't include the back shot on the NF because it was too graphic. Don't think it usually looks THAT bad, but I do have to constantly be aware of whats showing in front every time I sit down. Is that strictly a rise issue? Ideally, I'd like to keep it under $300 and...
Mauro, Haven't filled out the survey yet, but I'm good for the indigo dobby, indigo floral, and green ombre. What's the fabric on the ombre? Any shorts in the pipeline?
Can the bloodline trousers be let out a bit in the thigh/seat? In general, is that recommended over bringing a waist in 2-3"? Thanks!
First leather, a CM in dark whiskey. The sleeves/arm pit were fairly tight straight outta the package. I had some initial bruising on the inside of my elbow and my arms would get numb from the pinching at the top. Those issues are long gone after a couple weeks of wear, and it continues to feel better by the day. I love it and think it fits great now. I am too clueless to know how a perfect jacket looks/feels, so would be grateful for any feedback so I can hurry up and get...
do i need to wash my cramertons before getting them hemmed? thanks!
Thanks for all the input. Looks like I'm going with the A-2!
Indecision has kept me from ordering my first leather for several months now, so I'm looking for a little help so I can finally get something together. I mainly wear jeans, tees, and button-downs. I'm leaning towards a collared moto, but not sure if I should go with black or brown. There was some discussion earlier--i think it was over the different shades of whiskey calf--about certain colors looking great or awful depending on complexion/hair. Not sure if that applies...
New Posts  All Forums: