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My advice would be to give them a good shine yourself, take high-quality pictures and sell as-is. In my experience as a seller and buyer, used calf alden's that are in decent shape generally sell in the $100 to $200 range and recrafted shoes don't seem to command much if any of a premium, especially if recrafted by an independent cobbler. With Alden restoration now running $150+ with 2 month+ lead times, I think you're better off putting the restoration money towards...
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If the thread has to be split up, I vote for the annual thread option as well. I'm wearing my plaza cigar boots today - thanks to Namor for the lacing inspiration. These have many, many wears on them and are likely due for a restoration and resole soon. While its not a real option, my preference would be to have Alden do a full refinish on the uppers and convert the double leather soles to commando, so they're probably headed to Bnelson or Ah One to be put on...
I'm thinking about picking up a pair of the galway-esque oak and country calf boots. What's the price on these for European based customers? Debating buying online vs when I'm next in Madrid or using a proxy. Thanks!
DROPS 12.29 Prices are firm and include shipping to the United States. 1) Epaulet charcoal donegal tweed size 36 Walt trousers - $SOLD. This pair is in good pre-worn condition - no alterations beyond hemming to an approximate 32 inch inseam, with another 2 inches to be let out. These are made up in a thick, heavyweight tweed that is an perfect for the coming winter. 2) Epaulet navy tonal cotton seersucker size 36 Walt trousers - $125. This pair is unworn, unaltered...
[[SPOILER]] Can you post a shot in natural light, if you don't mind? I've wanted a pair of these since they were originally offered, but I'm wondering if they'll be too close to the VBC dark mocha flannel that's been offered in a few eff rounds. Thanks!
Please post pictures if you have a chance - it will be easier to gauge which colors would be best.
Any chance of a restock of the white OCBD anytime soon?
PSA for the 10D's, somebody buy these jc I day's before I crack. http://www.styleforum.net/t/506767/alden-x-leffot-jc-indy-boot-cigar-shell-size-10d
The toe taps are a non-issue, you'll wear whatever discoloration there is off almost immediately if wearing on concrete. The blemishes in the uppers would annoy me, but they should also be easy to touch up with a little neutral cream and brushing, and if not a little of the dark green saphir cream would definitely take care of fixing the color. They shouldn't have left Meermin in that condition, but that's a 5 minute fix polishing them yourself. As they'll already have...
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