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What I find even crazier is that his cigar jumper's are now over the $1,000 mark too. At these types of prices I'm having trouble justifying not unloading a few pairs.
Great boots- I love the bar lacing, but have given up on it for day to day wear on my all eyelet boots. Too time consuming to tighten and keep all the laces nicely flat.Details on the pants? Rrl?
Crepe sole though- I'd rather have the standard neocork from NRO, even if it's tru balance. It's a work boot.
These will be my go to casual shoes for spring/summer
[[SPOILER]] These were an ebay score from last fall, originally made up for Leather Soul.
96977 suede flex welt loafers on the Copley last. These are like wearing slippers. Anyone aware of any shops in Boston stocking Alden? I'm moving there and had expected more of a presence given that alden is hq'd in Mass. I checked out NRO while waiting to pick up keys to my new place last weekend and they had a pretty large display of stock models, with a lot of #8 and black shell. They also had a few nice natty cxl make ups (Indy, lwb, ptb). I think the Jcrew...
Picked these up almost a year ago, and they've been worn a few times a week ever since. Overall I'm satisfied with the shoes and will continue to buy from Meermin.
"Wow! Where and when did you get those? I love cigar. Cigar SW and Ravello LWB or Indy/NST boot. Color 8 Dover." That's my shell agenda.[/quote] Those were an ebay score from last fall, they're a Leather Soul makeup from a few years ago.
Late night at the office in my plaza sw cigar boots.
Great looking shell Indys. I had my first "in the wild" sighting of someone else wearing Aldens this morning- a partner at my firm was wearing #8 chukkas on commando. I'm assuming they were the AF18's from AoC. I was surprised by how substantial they looked in person- in a very good way.
New Posts  All Forums: