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Please post pictures if you have a chance - it will be easier to gauge which colors would be best.
Any chance of a restock of the white OCBD anytime soon?
PSA for the 10D's, somebody buy these jc I day's before I crack. http://www.styleforum.net/t/506767/alden-x-leffot-jc-indy-boot-cigar-shell-size-10d
The toe taps are a non-issue, you'll wear whatever discoloration there is off almost immediately if wearing on concrete. The blemishes in the uppers would annoy me, but they should also be easy to touch up with a little neutral cream and brushing, and if not a little of the dark green saphir cream would definitely take care of fixing the color. They shouldn't have left Meermin in that condition, but that's a 5 minute fix polishing them yourself. As they'll already have...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALDEN-Full-Strap-Penny-Loafers-Shell-Cordovan-Leather-Shoes-sz-10-5-C-/262065311863?hash=item3d044f5077 PSA for any 10.5 A/C's out there on the Aberdeen. Nice buy it now on a rare make-up. Not my listing.
Can't wait for my pick ups from that round to come in, hopefully it's soon.
I take the new rivets one size smaller than original version.
Worked for me- thanks!
How much did he charge for dainite conversion? Debating having this done to my black naval boots.
I've had this issue on other monks (non Alden). A light dusting of baby power is a temporary fix, but as a more permanent fix, consider lightly sanding the underside of the strap that's causing the squeaking. I've found that roughing up the leather lining just slightly really cuts down on squeaks.
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