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Meermin continues its rock solid customer relationship management- ignoring a breach of their customer database and choosing to send out a blast promoting new gmto options rather than warning their customers and apologizing for having lax security. Bravo.
Is anyone really surprised they would pull a shortsighted price grab like this? Just another ding for a company with a history of questionable customer service.
I try to avoid wearing Alden's on flying days for that reason - they set off the metal detector every time and I hate getting yelled at by TSA when I go to preemptively take them off. I made the mistake of wearing all eyelet boots once - won't be doing that again.Lately my go to travel shoes have been a pair of Carmina chelsea boots that never set off the alarm.
Wearing my barberis flannel ends today for the first time - these are hands down the greatest pants I've ever owned. Big thanks to Mike for putting together these events.
Seems like they've been shipping a lot lately - my park double monks came in today. No quality issues and I really like the last in person. I went with the same size that I take on the hiro last and the sizing seems pretty consistent between the lasts.
PSA for any plaza size 8's. Price is highish for used, but the cigar sw plaza boot doesn't pop up for sale that often. http://www.styleforum.net/t/453300/alden-cigar-brixtons-size-8-plaza-last
Anybody else get a fishing email supposedly from Meermin offering a 40% off coupon if you update your account information? Nice to know that Meermin is protecting its customer database...
Somebody buy those latte donegal driggs in the sale section so I don't.
Anyone have experience on sizing the driving gloves? I'm usually in between medium and large glove sizing, wondering if I can get away with going medium on these, even though I'm measuring 8.5.
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