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84 Ridge Montebello tonight. Fantastic bottle - concentrated red and black fruit, leather and tobacco. Round tannins and a long elegant finish Stark contrast to a few 82 and 84 mondavis we opened over the weekend that were all well past peak.
Jodhpurs look great - will the initial run be that suede only or will there be other leathers?
Has anybody machine dried a somelos? If so how much shrinkage was there? (know that the salt wash is supposed to eliminate shrinking from washing)
Any advice for how to best spend a few days in Bordeaux?
Celebrating an unexpected promotion today. Still hard to believe this is from MA - anyone local to Boston who hasn't tried it should definitely seek it out. Age showing really nicely on this bottle.
I frequently travel for work and exclusively pack a leather duffle that is comparably sized to the weekender. I've never had an issue carrying it on domestically or in Europe. My experience is that gate agents are trained by habit to keep an eye out for over sized rolling bags.
Lots of talk about duck cotton suiting - any chance we see the long awaited EPLA casual suiting soon?
Totally agree with everything here. I'd add that it would awesome if the construction avoided using a steel shank - few things more annoying to a road warrior than a pair of shoes you can't wear through the pre-check security line.
This X2 - I've been looking for dark brown grained jodhpur on a dainite or equivalent sole for awhile. Would love to pick one up from Epaulet instead of getting burned by Meermin.
Dinner time
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