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First day in my new (to me) leather soul plaza semi brogues. Now I know what it's like to walk a mile in mDubs' shoes.
It's always surprised me that there isn't an Alden store front in Boston.
[[SPOILER]] What was the damage on the topy + toe taps, if you don't mind sharing?
Shame that cashmere can't get made into walts.
Great boots - where are the laces from?
Thanks for the pics - do they read as light of blue as they seem in these pictures? Could you post an indoor picture out of direct sunlight when you have a chance? Many thanks.
When the euro got hammered over the winter they started charging US based customers fixed prices not tied to fx rates. They got slammed for it here if you read back through the thread, but they never offered any response. I think you have to ship to a Europe address to get the euro pricing.
Thanks again for the idea. I took a fine grit sanding block to the underside of each strap and just barely roughed up the leather and it seems to have to have eliminated the squeaking issue. Below is a quick iPhone pic of the sanded vs unsanded texture. Top left is sanded, bottom right is unsanded (after 2 wears).While I had the tools out, I also punched an extra hole in the forward strap on each shoe. Meermin had recommended I order my hiro size for anything on the...
Interesting idea - it seems like it would probably work. I'll give it a go tonight and let you know if it works.
Hey Mike- Will there be any moleskin in play for the rivet EFF next week?
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