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Anybody else get a fishing email supposedly from Meermin offering a 40% off coupon if you update your account information? Nice to know that Meermin is protecting its customer database...
Somebody buy those latte donegal driggs in the sale section so I don't.
Anyone have experience on sizing the driving gloves? I'm usually in between medium and large glove sizing, wondering if I can get away with going medium on these, even though I'm measuring 8.5.
The most recent update I've seen from Mike was that they expected them by January 15.
I wear marlow tassels in my barrie size, aberdeen tassels I go up a half size.
Alden of Carmel runs plain toe shell boots on the trubalance in black and #8.
How are people sizing the park last? Meermin said to go with same size as hiro, but curious to hear people's experience.
Looks great- if you wouldn't mind could you post a shot looking straight down at these?
Really kicking myself for not getting on the list for the day trippers when I first saw them years ago. Congrats to everyone that scored a pair in this batch.
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