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NRO has a great in store display-maybe 25 models?
Sizing question (I apologize in advance if this has been addressed before, but I wasn't able tot find the answer searching the thread)- how do the Brooks Brothers single letter width sizes convert to the typical X/X sizing that Alden typically uses? I stole a pair of shopworn pct balmorals off ebay last night and they were listed as C width, does this equate to C/E?
Yeah- the original tokito heritage version with the windflap, not the depart. b commander. It was the only one they had.
Psa- there's small original bond jacket at the kittery outlet for $500.
I have a feeling we'll be seeing some interesting stuff on ebay over the next few weeks.
What I find even crazier is that his cigar jumper's are now over the $1,000 mark too. At these types of prices I'm having trouble justifying not unloading a few pairs.
Great boots- I love the bar lacing, but have given up on it for day to day wear on my all eyelet boots. Too time consuming to tighten and keep all the laces nicely flat.Details on the pants? Rrl?
Crepe sole though- I'd rather have the standard neocork from NRO, even if it's tru balance. It's a work boot.
These will be my go to casual shoes for spring/summer
[[SPOILER]] These were an ebay score from last fall, originally made up for Leather Soul.
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