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10D has some solid pairs on it. Ravello plaintoe boots on modified, color 8 and black shell perf cap toe boots, color 8 indy, chromexcel wingtip boots on commando, snuff plain toe boots with brass eyelets along with a good mix of staples. Best list I've seen in awhile.
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/dress-belt-snuff-suedeSlightly cheaper, and a nice gateway into Ep gear.
The itinerary is drinking in Dublin and eating in Paris. The boots are Leffot black naval boots and LS cigar wings on plaza.
Boots for a week of sightseeing in Europe.
Go to the Kittery outlet
Pre-check doesn't help you when you're wearing shoes with shanks that set off the metal detectors.
You people move quickly- I dropped in over lunch and they were already gone. They also had 4-5 pairs of LHS and full strap loafers in #8 shell in the 7-8 size range, all with heavy shop wear.
This is my first experience with C&J and I went with 10.5. For reference, I tend to be between 10 and 10.5 (10d on Alden's barrie last works well for me). Width on the tassels is perfect, I'm getting a little heal-slip now, but that should go away once I break I'm able to fully break in these crazy double soles.
My tassels came in today- flawless. Great seller.
PSA- NRO is currently offering $200 gift cards for $100- I'm not sure how well they have the limit to 1 per customer locked down. http://www.northriveroutfitter.com/nro-long-live-summer-gift-card/
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