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Park double monks today.
Cigar boots and ep rivets.
Changing of the guard- Momotaro x context 0701 grand indigos on the left from 2011 getting replaced by new 0702 deep indigos on the far right. The middle pair is a pair of vintage label 0201 that don't have much wear on them
Thanks for the psa- just grabbed a pair of 975s
A co-worker from Paris has this set up on all his shoes- from what he said its a pretty common treatment there. I've looked into having Bnelson do it for a few of my newish pairs, just haven't gotten around to sending them in.
Meermin continues its rock solid customer relationship management- ignoring a breach of their customer database and choosing to send out a blast promoting new gmto options rather than warning their customers and apologizing for having lax security. Bravo.
Is anyone really surprised they would pull a shortsighted price grab like this? Just another ding for a company with a history of questionable customer service.
I try to avoid wearing Alden's on flying days for that reason - they set off the metal detector every time and I hate getting yelled at by TSA when I go to preemptively take them off. I made the mistake of wearing all eyelet boots once - won't be doing that again.Lately my go to travel shoes have been a pair of Carmina chelsea boots that never set off the alarm.
Wearing my barberis flannel ends today for the first time - these are hands down the greatest pants I've ever owned. Big thanks to Mike for putting together these events.
New Posts  All Forums: