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Alden of Carmel runs plain toe shell boots on the trubalance in black and #8.
How are people sizing the park last? Meermin said to go with same size as hiro, but curious to hear people's experience.
Looks great- if you wouldn't mind could you post a shot looking straight down at these?
Really kicking myself for not getting on the list for the day trippers when I first saw them years ago. Congrats to everyone that scored a pair in this batch.
Has anyone successfully lobbied them to do a specific GMTO since they launched their new program this fall? When I've inquired I've been directed to keep checking their current GMTO line-up until I see something that I like.
Got the same reaction today dropping off the latest round of FF walts for hemming.
That Loden...
I wonder how many hits the ends for friends page has gotten today?
10D has some solid pairs on it. Ravello plaintoe boots on modified, color 8 and black shell perf cap toe boots, color 8 indy, chromexcel wingtip boots on commando, snuff plain toe boots with brass eyelets along with a good mix of staples. Best list I've seen in awhile.
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/dress-belt-snuff-suedeSlightly cheaper, and a nice gateway into Ep gear.
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