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Do you have the app? The app (for now at least) allows you to got to the product page.
Hmm, I used to carry moneyoox balances, never that much and they'd usually get eaten by a larger purchase eventually. I was buying more frequently at the time, so didnt seem like a big deal as I knew I'd use the credit.I mentioned this on this thread about a year and half ago, but it bears mentioning again: I had some moneyoox stored up for a while once and got a special offer notification by email. Can't remember now exactly what it was, but I think it was an extra...
Just handled them yesterday in the store. The new short sleeves they just got in. They are noticeably, how to put this, crunchy to the touch - light, but rough. The salesman told me that they twist the fibers before weaving which results in a weave that wicks sweat really well so that the shirts wear very cool. He said there was a Japanese term for the processing of the fibers, but he didnt know the English term.In addition to noting the interesting fabric, the other thing...
Spex is correct that most of the basic stock fabrics start at $180 and I think that's how they advertised it for a while, but there are now about 5 or 6 basic fabrics that they offer in MTM for $130 per shirt iirc. They are noticeably less nice than the stock fabrics, but a good bet for a casual button down.
I think this has to do with a glitch in their back-end. I used to see this a lot when they were moving stuff to a final sale status. Also, I think some funky stuff happens for items that are really really old that dont even show up anymore except in these occasional clearance sales they have. At any rate, the shifting of items from one category to another in the regular store seems to produce these glitches in the dream boxes.
I have a suspicion that they use the dreambox as a sort of poll of interest in certain items. So if an item is in a lot of dreamboxes and they know the purchasing history of those particular buyers, they can plan exactly how and at what price they want to let the piece go. I find that it's come down to watching things really closely and waiting for that first really juicy price cut and then boom, the people who've been watching the same item move and one of them gets it. I...
Very intrigued to hear the thread's thoughts on this. Hard to find any in depth discussion of rust, brown, brick colored stripes on chalk stripe flannels.Before anyone admonish me to use the search function, believe me I have and best I could find was this post of a picture of such a suit in Tie Your Tie's shop window (interesting to note that the suit appears blue, but poster claims it's actually...
Anybody ever get an item with a security tag still on it? Do I have to send it back to get it removed? Is it even Yoox's or did it somehow get missed when it was sold on from the original retailer? If it something that Yoox cant remove, can I use that as leverage to ask for an additional discount? Any experienced observations would be appreciated.
yes, front load washer (i do a gentle cycle that spins), cold water, hang dry, hand press.I occasionally use a touch of starch on the arms to make a crease.Not a pain, pretty similar to a cotton shirt.
Not sure what you mean.
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