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First sort by size. No real use to look at EVERY jacket size. Next sort by brand. I go through and just look at a few select brands at this point. Occasionally I'll take a punt on something that sounds interesting or piques my curiosity but at this point it's mainly just checking the brands I know. However, when you pull up a specific item, at the bottom of the page, Yoox gives you suggestions of other items to look at: there can sometimes be interesting things from brands...
If that's the case then you'd do well to step up with a 200 and 300 level shirt OTR. I own 300 shirts and also have MTM in 300 fabrics and I have handled the 200 line in the store. Both represent a "step above" in terms of quality. Specifically, in the case of the 300 line the step above is in both the quality of the shirting and the tighter stitching. The buttons might be a smidge nicer too, but would have to pull the shirt out of my closet to double check.Barba is nice....
I had superstar status, but I think I didnt do much buying for a while and they seem to have quietly dropped me.
Depends on what you define as a step above. The 300 series are next level in terms of the fabrics they use and the stitching is also quite a bit more refined. The price is about $100 more than the standard line at $180 a pop. Not sure if you consider that drastic.If you are in New York you could also do their MTM program and choose from plenty of high quality books of shirting (Canclini, Mason, their own fabrics, etc). I think price also starts at $180 per shirt.
I've noticed that my tailor opens up the sleave and resews it at an angle in order to recreate the fullness at the bicep/upper arm. It's an expensive alteration, but it seems like pretty precise surgery is involved.
Yeah it hasn't been good for ties in a few years. But to my original point, I've noticed that items can sometimes filter down from these sample sales into Century 21 and there will be a window of a few weeks where C21 is flooded with interesting stuff that's not their normal inventory. Just a thought.
maybe stalk Century 21 over the next couple of weeks . . .
I was at Century 21 last Friday and actually posted about this sale in the Manhattan sales thread. Anyway, I was looking for EU46/US36 but didnt see any.
50% as of last Friday
Cross post from Official Sales Thread (or whatever it's called): Century 21 has an amazing array of Isaia suits on sale right now for around $750. Some of them have interesting casual fabrics, but there are also plenty of conservative business style suits. I noticed the heaviest concentration of sizes in the US40-42 range, but there were some 38s as well as plenty of larger sizes. There's also a good selection of nice trousers (also located on the upstairs balcony) -...
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