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Congratulations, you have found yourself an excellent tie made by Braemore Neckwear: http://www.holtrenfrew.com/english/f...d=403&expand=m http://www.braemoreties.com/ They are a well known tie maker in Toronto. They make lots of private label ties and can do custom/bespoke orders. Some product lines are only average while others are simply superb. The "B" or "bespoke" line is really top-notch. They use excellent silk, have the above mentioned qualities, and are...
I ordered mine in October and haven't seen it yet either. I was hoping to get it by Christmas.
I had problems like that. It will stick better if you dry out your mouth and teeth. Use tissue paper to wipe your teath and mop up saliva in your mouth. Then put the strips on. Breathe through your mouth so it'll keep your mouth dry. The strips will still move around a bit but I still had good results.
...well not exactly Toronto, but at Vaughan Mills. There are lots of E. Zegna sweaters on clearance at Designer Depot for $55 for wool and $70 for wool/cashmere. There are hundreds of these sweaters, mostly crew-neck but also long sleeve polo style. Look for them at the clearance racks and also the bottom shelves of the displays. It's mostly larger sizes like L/52 and XL/54 left but still a good selection of mediums and smalls. Plus, for every $50 you spend you...
Was it someone here that offered to BIN for $100?
I usually start wearing mine at the beginning of November ie. today. I think poppy-wearing is only popular in Canada. I notice that most people wear one, at least in Toronto.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pink22m I also looked under the car with a flash light, and noticed a pink like fluid dripping from the chassis on the drivers side. That's probably power steering fluid. What's the level in the reservoir?
I keep my overcoat on. Obviously, it is colder here in Canada, and my garage is unheated and I park outside at work. I usually have to unbutton the bottom one or two buttons to sit down in the car though.
I haven't been to the Harry Rosen outlet for a while but I recall there being some A-E's. The selection wasn't great and they were not terribly cheap. I didn't even realize Holt Renfrew carried A-E's. As for colour, I'd go with black, especially if you're going to be wearing these daily.
I just ordered mine too. I'm already picking out a shirt and jacket to go with the tie.
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