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Quote: Originally Posted by Pink22m I also looked under the car with a flash light, and noticed a pink like fluid dripping from the chassis on the drivers side. That's probably power steering fluid. What's the level in the reservoir?
I keep my overcoat on. Obviously, it is colder here in Canada, and my garage is unheated and I park outside at work. I usually have to unbutton the bottom one or two buttons to sit down in the car though.
I haven't been to the Harry Rosen outlet for a while but I recall there being some A-E's. The selection wasn't great and they were not terribly cheap. I didn't even realize Holt Renfrew carried A-E's. As for colour, I'd go with black, especially if you're going to be wearing these daily.
I just ordered mine too. I'm already picking out a shirt and jacket to go with the tie.
It is that bad. You might try the Harry Rosen outlet for A-E's but they're still pricey.
Quote: Originally Posted by rabbimark The interior is entirely Hello Kitty. This is true. I have flown on this plane. The food was horrible and the seats cramped, but the experience was well worth the ticket price.
I believe they're Alfred Sargents. It's a good deal for $89.
Wow, I thought this project died a long time ago. Weren't we voting on this 1 1/2 years ago?! It looks nice. I'll have to get one. Are they in stock now or are they being made?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Anyone know who the maker is? C&J benchgrades...? I believe it's Alfred Sargent.
Too bad. I haven't seen a good working ebay coupon for a long time.
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