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It's made by Coppley. At least it is if I read the CA number correctly. CA00750 right? http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/app/cb/can...6?language=eng
I've taken my leathers to Marta's Alterations near Leslie and Sheppard with good results. I haven't asked for alterations as extensive as yours though.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MEN-alpaca-P...QQcmdZViewItem Any reason not to get these? The webpage for Iliari, while outdated, looked ok and the seller appears to have satisfactory feedback. I think this is the same seller from which many of us bought peccary gloves a couple of years ago. The ebay ID is different but I think it's the same person.
Quote: Originally Posted by akaidiot DO NOT go to the address on Steele Aveune, I think it is. MY old guidebook said it was there - we took the subway to the end of the line and then a bus, and then a long walk, only to find a payless shoes or something at the address. It had moved to the mall location identified above. It was a complete waste of about 3 hours. Yeah, that has been gone for a couple years now. It was a real outlet that was...
Don't worry son, I was only kidding.
Yeah, the credit card number on the receipt is whited out now. Fortunately I saved a picture of the original. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in Canada there's a law that prevents retailers from printing your full cc number on the receipt. I guess it's to prevent things like this happening.
Check out his ebay auction and scroll down to the last picture: http://cgi.ebay.com/100-Authentic-Mu...QQcmdZViewItem Thank you Mr/Mrs Hon for the proof of authenticity. \t
Quote: Originally Posted by DrCool1978 FCP? First Canadian Place
What a ridiculous contest. How could they not know this could happen? Any weekend runner would tell them if you drink lots of fluids it better be something like Gatorade, not water. Wasn't there a similar water intoxication death from a fraternity initiation a little while ago?
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