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I went to a Police department seminar on home security a couple months ago. It was very informative and I was surprised at how vulnerable most homes really are. In fact, most of the 100 or so people there already had their homes broken into (fortunately not me). Some good tips I got: Get good exterior doors with reinforced frames, and a "high-security" deadbolt lock like: http://www.mul-t-lock.com/198.html The majority of breakins are done by simply kicking...
So you're the one selling this on ebay? Try emailing SAB about this; they're usually quick to answer questions. Very nice bag, BTW.
I received my Chester Barrie cashmere overcoat from yoox today. Very nice and a great price! There's still a light brown cashmere overcoat in size 44 for cheap: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/CHESTE...s/searchResult The description says 100% wool but if you zoom into the tag on the left arm it says 100% cashmere. This is the coat I got and I can confirm that it is in fact 100% cashmere.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso The Discovery Channel show How It's Made featured a segment on the making of a Brigg brolly, from scratch. Very interesting. The same episode features sterling flatware as well. I love this show. Very interesting. There's a lot more hand work than I realized. I watched the segment online: http://broadband.discoverychannel.ca/discovery/?id=4119
A Canadian postal money order should be cashable at just about any bank. However, Canadapost has very recently changed the appearance of it (more security features), so maybe your teller wasn't familiar with the new MO? It should still be green though.
If anybody is looking for an attache case, the Papworth shop has a great looking one in London tan at deep discount. http://www.papworthtravelgoods.co.uk...e_3/index.html
It looks like your suit was once owned by a Mr. Luc Patry. You could look him up and give him a call and ask why he no longer has the suit. Maybe he's dead and his estate was liquidated.
It's made by Coppley. At least it is if I read the CA number correctly. CA00750 right? http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/app/cb/can...6?language=eng
I've taken my leathers to Marta's Alterations near Leslie and Sheppard with good results. I haven't asked for alterations as extensive as yours though.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MEN-alpaca-P...QQcmdZViewItem Any reason not to get these? The webpage for Iliari, while outdated, looked ok and the seller appears to have satisfactory feedback. I think this is the same seller from which many of us bought peccary gloves a couple of years ago. The ebay ID is different but I think it's the same person.
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