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Here's a better pic of the Napoli Couture label:
Quote: Originally Posted by mikejones FYI: The Roots jacket, and everything else at (and the retail stores), is now 25% off this weekend. Yes, I saw that!! Cool, but I am wondering if I wait until the dead of summer, like June, and after the new movie's hype has cooled off, will the price be even lower? I suppose it'll go on sale eventually. But 25% off right now is still pretty good. Also, Roots has a good return policy...
FYI: The Roots jacket, and everything else at (and the retail stores), is now 25% off this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred Also, one more thing...has your account ever been randomly deleted? because im trying to log in and its not working, then i tried to do the "forgot your password?" and it said i do not exist Are you on your correct country site? For example, I can log into the Canada site (I'm in Canada) but I can't log into the US site.
Quote: Originally Posted by 7smcb Is there anywhere else I should be thinking of visiting? If you're willing to wander away from Jermyn St, the Hilditch and Key on Sloane St is closing down and they currently have many shirts and other items on clearance.
I don't know if anyone is still interested in EG belts, but Orvis might be an alternative. The beltmaker for EG also makes belts for Orvis. What makes me think that? I just came from the EG shop on Jermyn St. Mixed in with the EG belts were Orvis belts. They were identical, except of course that the "Orvis" logo was stamped instead of "Edward Green". I'm guessing when the belt shipment arrived in the shop they didn't check them and just put them up on display.
The S&H does not include duties/taxes so you might or might not get hit with additional charges. I don't remember if I've had to pay customs. It shouldn't be very much anyways.
Here are a couple quick articles I found (all are PDFs):$prp/pdf-files/crime%20prevention/Home%20-%20Doors.pdf$prp/pdf-files/crime%20prevention/Home%20-%20Windows.pdf$prp/pdf-files/crime%20prevention/Home%20-%20Residential%20Alarm.pdf
I went to a Police department seminar on home security a couple months ago. It was very informative and I was surprised at how vulnerable most homes really are. In fact, most of the 100 or so people there already had their homes broken into (fortunately not me). Some good tips I got: Get good exterior doors with reinforced frames, and a "high-security" deadbolt lock like: The majority of breakins are done by simply kicking...
So you're the one selling this on ebay? Try emailing SAB about this; they're usually quick to answer questions. Very nice bag, BTW.
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