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So the OP would be 21 years old now; I hope he's finally getting the respect he was so longing for. I wonder what search terms were used to dig up this thread?
Does it matter if Obama likes "French" or "American" mustard if it all comes from Saskatchewan anyways?
I'm a maybe. It depends if the wife goes into labour.
I know this response is late; you probably got your watch fixed, and I'm just talking to myself now, but anyways... I go to Primetime Watch service in New Century plaza which is on the north side of Steeles, just west of Warden. It's in a small stall in this Chinese mall. It doesn't look like much, but the watch repair service is excellent. It's a one person operation, and the proprietor is very knowledgeable. He did all his training in Switzerland and he's been...
Quote: Originally Posted by mkerr just to reitterate --> shitloads of progress has been made, far far far better outcomes than previous. Totally true. There are way more effective treatments now compared to just 10 years ago. There are also new drugs coming out all the time. How severe the RA is really varies from person to person. Some have mild disease which doesn't affect day to day life at all. Others have moderate disease which is...
Quote: Originally Posted by bullethead Any SF members have any experience with this? my niece was just diagnosed with this and wondering if anyone could offer any insight Any particular concerns? It's a chronic inflammatory condition primarily involving the joints. There is no cure but there are many good treatments, some more affordable than others.
I received my two belts yesterday so here's my mini-review. The belts were made within two days of ordering and were sent by express mail. They arrived in a very well packaged container. The leather is indeed very thick and sturdy. It's dyed front, sides and back, and the front is polished to a dull shine. It's hand stitched at the buckle end. The buckle itself is very solid. The length of the belt from middle hole to the end of the buckle is exactly as...
I ordered a brown and a tan.
I went ahead and ordered two. Hopefully I will receive them next week. Also in regard to "Has anyone bought a belt from this guy?" It doesn't appear to be a guy at all!
I don't have an Aspinal wallet, but I have ordered some and given them out as gifts. They are very good quality for the price. You can get one for cheap from Aspinal's ebay store, if you don't mind the spelling mistake: http://cgi.ebay.com/Aspinal-of-Londo...742.m153.l1262
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