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You might consider having little canisters of activated charcoal in your gym bag. They're maybe an inch long and have perforated sides. Ask your local pharmacist; medications are often shipped with these things and then are just thrown out. They absorb odours really well.
I see lots of women who wear pinstripe pants and I think it looks fine on them; but for guys, I agree that it looks odd. What's worse though is all the pinstripe "blazers" and "sport coats" on ebay that are clearly just suits missing the pants.
Wow, looks like it went for $28,000. Sold to GoldenPalace.com; they also bought that Beckham ball a while back.
I wonder what size shoe Chraming actually wears? It seems he'll buy just about any size as long as it's EG or Lobb. I can't imagine that he could wear all the things he's bought on ebay; maybe he re-sells them to other people in Japan. Also, anytime Japanese bidders are excluded from an auction like this, you Americans are bound to get a good deal.
Hmmm... those shoes just might go well with this.
Have you seen that episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns gets Homer to buy a really expensive first-edition Radioactive-Man comic and has him eat it?....
Here are some pictures of my pair of Albaladejos purchased earlier in the year in Paris. I don't know the name of the model or last, but what do you think?
I've always liked coats from Cardinal of Canada. I have several including a couple I picked up recently. They use very good fabrics including the cashmere; they are well-made, and I find them to be warm and comfortable. They manufacture for other labels like Jack Victor and Ike Behar. Pretty expensive at full retail ($1000+ for a cashmere coat), but I think they're often found at discount retailers. Check out these Burberry's by CC: Coat1 Coat2
I have a cordovan-coloured belt that I got from Winners several months ago. It's a Cole Haan. It's OK for $20. Winners always seems to have a supply of similar looking belts so you might want to check out a couple.
Quote: Curious as to the fact that the Shipton Bedford appears to be more expensive than the C&J Weymouth yet they look virtually identical and *may* be made by the same manufacturer. I own a pair of the S&H Bedfords, in dark brown, which I bought from the Paris store about 2 months ago. The salesman told me that they were manufactured by C&J, although I suppose he could have been mistaken. Most of the other shoes they have are by C&J and the others...
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