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Quote: Assuming the sleeve buttons aren't functional, any good tailor can simply hack off the offending region and restitch the buttons on. What if the buttons ARE functional? I've recently purchased a Zegna NC suit from the outlet store of a high-end retailer. The sleeves were already finished with functional buttons (don't ask me why). They are a couple inches too long, and the ideal length would fall between the distal 3rd and 4th buttons. I don't...
FCS, Yep, I'm in TO. I'm not really looking for shirts since I have too many already. I'm looking for a new suit, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford the likes of Darren Beamon. There are plenty of good tailors around TO as you mentioned, but none in my price range. I'd appreciate it if you could send me the contact info on the Maxwell rep. Have you met him? Does he have sample suits and all the fabric swatches? What do you (and others) think of the quality of the...
Hello all, Maxwell's clothiers from Hong Kong (www.maxwellsclothiers.com) is bringing one of their travelling MTM mail-order shows to my city in the near future. I haven't tried them before, but seeing as I need a new suit or two I was going to give them a try. Anybody with experience with them? I'm especially interested in the level of quality and the prices. Thanks.
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