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The first two years you'll be splattered with formaldehyde. The second two years you'll be splattered with blood. Dress accordingly.
I wonder if he'd accept a a BIN offer for less?
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Why is the fact that a settlement was made only listed in the comments (on transunion it's not even reflected at all). Shouldn't the status reflect that the account was settled, closed, or paid as agreed? The way it is now, it is killing my score, even though this was resolved 5 years ago. Likewise, the overdraft was paid in full a long time ago as well. It should reflect that in the status, no? I checked my credit...
I agree with checking out Holt Renfrew Last Call. They usually carry nice leather jackets in the fall (they hold them from the previous year). For example, I've seen E. Zegna and RLPL for excellent prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid If anyone is willing to proxy the Sartorio overcoat to me (Canada) please PM me. Willing to make it worth your while! Why not have it sent directly to you?
I have this exact same wallet. I never use it anymore. Just to warn you, it's really, really thick and will make your butt look lopsided. Plus it's uncomfortable to sit on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent The final product, at home: That's a great looking umbrella. Be careful with the handle on the tile floor though!
So the OP would be 21 years old now; I hope he's finally getting the respect he was so longing for. I wonder what search terms were used to dig up this thread?
I'm a maybe. It depends if the wife goes into labour.
I know this response is late; you probably got your watch fixed, and I'm just talking to myself now, but anyways... I go to Primetime Watch service in New Century plaza which is on the north side of Steeles, just west of Warden. It's in a small stall in this Chinese mall. It doesn't look like much, but the watch repair service is excellent. It's a one person operation, and the proprietor is very knowledgeable. He did all his training in Switzerland and he's been...
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