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It seems that all the studies that show glucosamine helps are from Europe. Other studies including the NIH's GAIT study were generally negative. There's also exceptionally high placebo response rates in the studies. I don't know of any good study that shows it affects the natural history of osteoarthritis. But since it's generally safe, if you think it works, then go ahead and use it.
People also forget that prior to changes made by Harper, the PM could call an election whenever he felt like it, without a confidence vote, a la Chretien.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Holt Renfrew (Last Call Clearance Centre) (Thornhill, ON) 370 Steeles Ave W Thornhill, ON It's in Vaughan Mills now. You can get something decent for $500. I'm not sure I'd want to go this time of the year though.
So Tiger Woods is famous, rich, a great golfer, and he sleeps with a lot of women. This is going to make guys want to be more like him.
I'd go with a Canada Goose Expedition. It's worth the extra cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I'm going to be moving to Toronto in July and am wondering if any of the city's current residents (I know there's more than a few of you here) can suggest some good areas (or buildings even, if you know) where I might want to live. If I were in your situation I'd want to live in the Distillery district (specifically the Pure Spirit...
Pilsner Urquell, if only because it's the original, from Plzen.
Lark Rise to Candleford. Most of the antiques/auction shows.
I don't think they make much, if any, money off shipping. Getting items sent from the UK to North America is just plain expensive. I'd guess the cost to ship to the US would be £30-40. This could be confirmed by getting an estimate on the Royal Mail or Parcelforce website. The rest is for packaging which is really very good as I'm sure others could attest. I had my umbrella packaged for the plane ride home and they charged me something like £10 for it but it was...
Most of their sales are over the phone to overseas customers according to one person I spoke to there. On the 2 occasions I visited their shop there were lots of boxed umbrellas waiting to be shipped.
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