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Is it possible they're pirated? Well, it's like it's possible the sun will rise tomorrow. Save your money. If you really want to get pirated DVDs, at least look at the quality of the video first. For that, you'll need to go to a reputable bootleg DVD store in your local Chinatown strip mall.
I order a pair of shoes from shoe-shop last year too when they had the Grenson sale. I got the shoes that I wanted, but I pointed out that the picture on the website did not actually match the model name. The next day, the picture was corrected, but in their reply email they said the picture was correct and didn't acknowledge that they changed it! I knew what the Stowe looked like (and that's what I got), but if some one ordered this model thinking it was a boot as...
Very nice suit. As for the sizing, I wear a size 40, and I find that BB GF fits true to size. Is it not worth it to alter the pants to fit?
Holt Renfrew is the only one I can think of. The flagship store is on Bloor St in Toronto. The men's section is not so large, but you can walk down the street to Harry Rosen for that. Are you thinking of visiting?
Quote: Originally Posted by fkl118 Anyways, I see that someone has now taken them and the temptation is gone. Oh man! I guess whoever had them didn't go thru with it, so I saw they were back up, and I decided to get them. Don't tell my wife. Thanks to Chris for the checkout help on the telephone.
I so wanted this pair when they were first available. But I just couldn't do it. Then they went down to $180; but I still couldn't pull the trigger. How would I tell my wife I bought a $180 pair of shoes, but didn't want to pay $180 for a new faucet for our bathroom renovation? Anyways, I see that someone has now taken them and the temptation is gone.
Are you sure you didn't have pinworms?
I've never tried it but I heard that many women use it to reduce the swelling under the eyes. It should work since it contains phenylephrine which is a vasoconstrictor.
I use They charge 1% of the final price, but only if you win the item. I use a sniper since a lot of auctions end in the middle of the night or during the day when I'm at work or otherwise busy.
You can consider us to be your team of style consultants! Post some images that exemplify your style and we'd be happy to tell you what the heck is wrong with you.
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