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Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Anyone know who the maker is? C&J benchgrades...? I believe it's Alfred Sargent.
Too bad. I haven't seen a good working ebay coupon for a long time.
The William is double-soled while the Wallace is single. The auction item is, in fact, the Wallace.
I don't know about cleaning peccary, but Lexol does work well as a conditioner. When you first apply it, it will appear blotchy and you'll think "What have I done?!" But it will absorb in and even out. BTW, Lexol will darken the leather.
I think it requires more specialized equipment, needles etc. I wanted sleeves on a leather jacket shortened, but my two regular tailors wouldn't touch it. I was refered to someone who specializes in leather alterations. I believe it costed $30, which is more than I would normally pay for a similar alteration on a wool jacket.
Be careful or you'll end up on the Jantzen "banned" list.
I have a maple solid-stick Brigg umbrella that I got from classicluggage.com. I also recently purchased an ash solid-stick umbrella from James Smith. James Smith is a great place to visit. There is a huge selection of umbrellas, and the people there love to talk umbrellas. In addition, the umbrella is cut to the appropriate length for you while you wait. BTW, the picture of the inside of the store on their website only shows the walking sticks and the ladies...
There wasn't anything at the FCP HR sale in a 40R that interested me. Maybe I'll stop by the outlet store in a couple of weeks as I'm looking for a new fall sport jacket.
That's good news for you Americans. Mexoryl (or whatever they call it now) has been around for a while in Canada and I've been using it for years. We had a discussion on it last year: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...hlight=mexoryl
Congratulations to both of you.
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