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Did you get married?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 At least there was no wait like at Guu. I recently discovered that it's not pronounced "Jew".
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man I get TBS on Rogers in Toronto and London, ON You get Peachtree.
Wow. It looks like it was a bidding war between two people.
I wear my Expedition parka when the weather calls for it. It's a truly high quality functional jacket. I think it's unfortunate CG is turning into a fashion brand. Hopefully the quality won't change.
Growing up in Saskatchewan they used to deliver bags of milk to your house. Now I only buy milk bags because it's considerably cheaper than the carton. Our family goes through about 8L of milk a week.
I've been meaning to try the Copacabana too, but I'm not sure my colon will forgive me. I went to Onoir on the weekend. It's one of those restaurants where you eat in complete darkness. It was an interesting experience. The food was decent too. It's worth trying once.
Maybe I should buy Hilary Hahn's CDs instead of burning copies.
It seems that all the studies that show glucosamine helps are from Europe. Other studies including the NIH's GAIT study were generally negative. There's also exceptionally high placebo response rates in the studies. I don't know of any good study that shows it affects the natural history of osteoarthritis. But since it's generally safe, if you think it works, then go ahead and use it.
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