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You're coming to Toronto, not the Arctic tundra! A $20 wool toque from the the Bay will be more than adequate.
Yes, and they've held up well. You're probably more likely to lose them than have them wear out.
A bunch of us bought from them a couple years ago and we were pleased with the gloves. They were known by a different name then and the gloves were $50 a pair!
I still see the Macneill and Leeds on LE Canvas and the 40% off coupon is working. It expires tonight.
Thanks. I could use a pair of Strands.
There's not much in Saskatchewan except for mosquitoes. That and lots of good jobs.
I went to Ruby Watchco on Saturday night: It's Lynn Crawford's new restaurant on Queen St East. She was there cooking, though she seemed to be constantly interrupted by picture-takers and autograph-seekers. Food is served in table d'hôte style with the chef selecting the fixed menu for the night ie it changes daily. The restaurant is somewhat small; I think it holds a maximum of 50 people. It was packed by 7 PM. It's also a little loud in...
A couple of years ago I needed to get rid of an old Acura Integra that was barely road worthy. I was planning to donate it to charity through They come and tow away your car then recycle and sell off what they can and donate the value to one of the participating charities of your choice. You then get a tax receipt from that charity. In the end I just sold the car to some kid for $1000.
Is there any way to automatically lock a thread that's been inactive for a couple of years?
Quote: Originally Posted by CutandSew Anyone been to HRLC this week? I'm wondering if that 80% off rack with the Isaia SCs is still around. I was there on Saturday. There were about 10 left I think. All bright blue or pale yellow. Mostly 40R. None were attractive in any way. I didn't buy any clothes; though I did load up on discount candy and chocolate!
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