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Hey Guys, hope you can help me out with sizing: I've got the UB221 here for trying in a size 28. The leg fits quite well but the top block is too tight. I can't button them up completely. I heard the 21oz denim stretches somewhat but the general recommendation is an initial snug fit with all the buttons closed. If this is true, I would have to return them and get a 29 instead, which would suck because I really liked the leg opening. Can someone help me out?
I'll be travelling to the USA for the first time. My flight to New York goes this thursday. My travelmate and I will probably buy a pair of jeans at Blue in Green. In Germany you can always ask for a (small) discount when spending much money in one store. I'm now wondering whether it is common to ask for a discount in the US, too? Thanks!
So the waist will stretch out a fair amount (1-1,5") and the leg will mostly stay the same. Am I right?
No, I got no information about their women's stock. I specifically asked for the xx-011 and xx-013 cause that's the fit I prefer. Here's the original answer, hope it's okay to copy/paste it: "Thank you for your inquiry. The XX-011 are expected to back in stock around the end of this month. For the XX-013 we’re waiting to see when the next production will be but hopefully we’ll have these back in stock sometime before the start of Summer. I can keep you posted on the...
The right size, cheers. I shot them a mail before my post here and didn't receive an answer. I tried it again after the post and this time I received a friendly and helpful answer.Seems as BiG will get a restock later this month, I'm in New York in mid April and will get a pair as long as they fit decently.Thanks!
Can somebody give me PBJ retailers in Seattle / San Francisco / Los Angeles / Miami? Thanks
Thanks for the answer!So it's basically slubby vs. smoothness denim.Can anyone say when BiG will get a restock on these?
Finally in mid April I'll make my way over the atlantic and visit america for three months. I also want to step up my denim game and have my eyes on some pbjs. It'll probably be some XX-013JP // XX-013 // XX-011 Left Hand Slim from BiG. Can you tell me the differences between those three pairs? The fit seems quite the same.. I also don't know whether I should get them raw or one washed. I know that raw has "more character" but soaking them on my own seems like a gamble...
Here are some Okayama Spirits post-soak.
Pre Soak // Post Soak measurements of some Skinny Guy Okayamas in size 30. I soaked them hand-hot for 30 minutes. Waist (from left to right): 14,5" // 13,5" RIse: 9" // 8,5" Thigh: 10" // 9,6" Leg Opening: 6,5" // 6,3" Inseam: 32,5" // 31,5" Never thought of having some worries about a short inseam with my height being 5'8'' / 69,7"
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