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I'll be travelling to the USA for the first time. My flight to New York goes this thursday. My travelmate and I will probably buy a pair of jeans at Blue in Green. In Germany you can always ask for a (small) discount when spending much money in one store. I'm now wondering whether it is common to ask for a discount in the US, too? Thanks!
So the waist will stretch out a fair amount (1-1,5") and the leg will mostly stay the same. Am I right?
No, I got no information about their women's stock. I specifically asked for the xx-011 and xx-013 cause that's the fit I prefer. Here's the original answer, hope it's okay to copy/paste it: "Thank you for your inquiry. The XX-011 are expected to back in stock around the end of this month. For the XX-013 we’re waiting to see when the next production will be but hopefully we’ll have these back in stock sometime before the start of Summer. I can keep you posted on the...
The right size, cheers. I shot them a mail before my post here and didn't receive an answer. I tried it again after the post and this time I received a friendly and helpful answer.Seems as BiG will get a restock later this month, I'm in New York in mid April and will get a pair as long as they fit decently.Thanks!
Can somebody give me PBJ retailers in Seattle / San Francisco / Los Angeles / Miami? Thanks
Thanks for the answer!So it's basically slubby vs. smoothness denim.Can anyone say when BiG will get a restock on these?
Finally in mid April I'll make my way over the atlantic and visit america for three months. I also want to step up my denim game and have my eyes on some pbjs. It'll probably be some XX-013JP // XX-013 // XX-011 Left Hand Slim from BiG. Can you tell me the differences between those three pairs? The fit seems quite the same.. I also don't know whether I should get them raw or one washed. I know that raw has "more character" but soaking them on my own seems like a gamble...
Here are some Okayama Spirits post-soak.
Pre Soak // Post Soak measurements of some Skinny Guy Okayamas in size 30. I soaked them hand-hot for 30 minutes. Waist (from left to right): 14,5" // 13,5" RIse: 9" // 8,5" Thigh: 10" // 9,6" Leg Opening: 6,5" // 6,3" Inseam: 32,5" // 31,5" Never thought of having some worries about a short inseam with my height being 5'8'' / 69,7"
I have no experience out of first hand yet but I talked to some people who are wearing the Okayamas themselves and they said that the denim will stretch back out. Here's a direct quote from Evan from NF "I found that the waist didn't shrink too much, and stretched out about an inch. The inseam shrunk the most at 1 inch or something like that... the legs got nice and snug and fit wonderfully." Hope this helps.
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