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Looking at trades for a stock small 2011 fishtail. Images from previous seller. 22" sleeve 21.5" p2p 35" back length 18" s2s
Have XS/S fishtail with shortened lengths 22 sleeve 21.5 p2p 35 back length 18 s2s Want stock S fishtail
Just put in an order for a black glazed goat A2. I wish fishtails were still being sold too
Interested in your xsmall/small 2011 fishtail. PM with any offer.
If the small before dinner fits pretty well everywhere except the armholes, where they're too high, would I be better off sizing up to M in BD or S in AD? I like the slimness of the body where it is and I'm not sure if I would want to go wider there.
What's the shoulder measurement?
I'll take it if it doesnt work out
Yep that's the one I picked up, go for it.
Lot of the inseams are really short (like 3" or something ridiculous). I had luck with the side adjuster printed shorts though, they were pretty good and on sale.
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