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I scored some halfway decent shoes (Mario Bruni) at a thrift store, and I was very happy with my find ($4!). Being thrift store shoes, they were a bit scuffed up, and required a little TLC. I hit them with some brown Kiwi, but it darkened them considerably. Perhaps I'm picky, but I find that the new shade turns them from shoes that I was ecstatic to find for $4 into shoes that I would pay exactly $4 for. I liked the old color a LOT. My question is, is there a way to...
A stay at a hotel has left me with the unenviable job of eliminating bedbugs (!) from my home. Part of this task involves laundering all of one's clothes - the heat from the dryer, or more relevant to this case, the dry-cleaning process, kills them as well as their eggs, etc. The problem I have is that I can't quite drop the $300-400 or however much to have ALL my suits, jackets, trousers, ties etc. dry cleaned at once. Currently, everything I'd be caught dead wearing...
Quote: Originally Posted by p.trick "No idea. I found it in the back of my closet." For some reason, the question I generally get is "I like your ____ where did you get it?", and generally this is my answer. When I do get asked how much I paid for something, I just say I found it at a thrift store, whether it's true or not. It often is, and it shut people up nicely without sounding snobbish.
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