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Did anyone else notice how clever this troll's name is? >>Harry Merkin It's so sharp as to almost earn him some respect. I doubt he actually came up with it himself, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin In the same vein, what are these? Well obviously, this is what Twoface wears when he's unwinding after a long day of battling the Dark Knight.
I won't even consider wearing pants with pleats. Besides that, it takes a particularly impressive jacket for me to consider two buttons. It's three or one, in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart conventionally speaking, a 1 button will stand out more as being "out of the norm", in most circumstances. 3 button is definitely de rigeur. Which is a shame, in my opinion. From an objective aesthetic standpoint, I think true 3-buttons are the ideal, but I hate being another face in the crowd. I guess in a few years my button stances will go back to being quaintly out of date, and in the meantime I'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I think it would be utterly stylish to have a Thick as Thieves suit in a bold check, very Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. Of course, it wouldn't be an interview suit, but sometimes, one doesn't need an interview suit. I don't know if you're joking, but I'm not. I would wear that, and love it.
Windowpane *can* be too loud for business, but I don't think any but the absolute stodgiest would find that particular suiting "too much" for a business setting. In fact, the suit pictured is probably as (if not more) conservative as anything I own. You're safe.
My goodness, Mr. Store! Thank you for your enlightening post. With such a glowing and well-written endorsement from a respected member of this community, I'm sure they will have SFers flocking to them in droves.
A good thread to be necromantized, though. It's interesting to watch the birth and development of stuff that's common knowledge now. And I'm sure there are some n00bs *coughcough* who can learn a lot from this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I don't know about quality, but the design and construction (including the last) is 100 percent unchanged since -- get this -- the 1880s. I got this directly from the Stacy Adams rep. This is why they were chosen as the standard men's footwear for the film Titanic. (Wonder if the extras got to keep theirs.... ) EDIT: I see on one of the links above they say 1875. Holy crap.... I just get happier and...
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