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I was in Bangkok last February. My favourite daytime diversion was hiring a boat to cruise the canals. Lots of places to stop and things to see. With a private boat you are not a schedule. We did this 2 different days. Some of the best food was from street vendors, fresh ingredients cooked on the spot. You will see clusters of them all over the city. Many around the docks.
Remember you get what you pay for. What kind of cloth are you going to get with a $300 suit?
I have purchased a few from They have some interesting cotton bows for summer.
I have 3 pairs of Ray Bans and a pair of Maui Jims. I prefer the RBs and they are less expensive as well. I only purchase polarized sunglasses. My main uses are driving and fishing. I would hesitate to consider fashion house sunglasses. Generally overpriced and poor quality. My wife bought me a pair from Channel about 12 years ago. Pure crap for $400. Distorted lenses and cheap hinges. I won't buy real cheap sunglasses. While many companies make products in...
I have had a pair of MJ titanium for a number of years. No problem with the quality. I prefer Ray Bans polarized offerings and have a couple of pairs. The MJ pair I keep with my fishing tackle.
Try O'Connell's in Buffalo. They have a website. With metal gromets or without. I picked one up today.
Things I would do if starting again. 1. Less patterns in ties and dress shirts. I find I prefer textures with solid colours better. 2. Bespoke suits. Once I hade my first suit made I refuse to buy RTW again. 3. Bespoke trousers. Once I had my first bespoke suit made I realized how ill fitting my RTW trousers were and now have them made (except casual cords, jeans and some summer cottons). 4. Still buy the odd RTW sport jacket since I am an ideal 44L for...
Adjusters should fit below the chest. No real distance from waistband can be determined for everyone since it depends on the rise of trousers.
I would begin with solid colours to get a base of clothing articles. I have about 60 ties and the ones I wear most often are solid black, navy, charcoal and burgandy with different weaves. With dress shirts I have at least 50 and my most worn are solid blues, whites and bone colours. Colour and pattern matching is great but I would work my way into this. Weaves and fabrics can be just as stylish as multiple patterns and often easier to put together.
Fedora or cap. I have one donegal tweed cap with ear flaps folded up inside. Just cover ears when necessary.
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