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got my Brown 1000 mile boots from STP. i really can't find anything wrong with them. so glad i waited to purchase a brown pair.
^those look great. what do you put on them? i like the shine of them.
does Wolverine provide replacement laces? i really only need one for my black pair. i emailed them but i think i'll get an answer here more quickly.
Where can I get this kit?
^was about to make an order but i checked out their ratings/reviews. so i think i'll wait until a find another deal.
^tell them to come to LA hopefully somebody takes some pictures
Got a question for you since you have a pair of Wolverine boots. How did you size for the Beckmans? Same or down? I'm a 9 in Wolverine.
^how much did it cost? (apologies if been asked) if i get another pair in the future, id like to have them done like that.
ok i see what you mean. you have a point.
i like to save money whenever i can. thats why i bought a pair for $200. no way im paying close to $340. plus, if the boots can be resoled quicker for less money elsewhere, why not?
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