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A plain woolen with texture (given the season) could be quite appropriate.
Who cares? Chuck away those sneakers instead.
Scored these online, at $20NZD. Worth it. in my opinion.
Saying you aren't trolling, and legitimately want a black three piece, you could try the indochino route...
Epic bump.
A bit of my own casual style, open for scrutiny: Just reposting really.
@kevinsp8 - I agree, it was a stupid and vague theme! Essentially, when I asked the guy, he wanted people to have fun and 'break up a suit', so the requirement was to wear a piece of a suit. Most people opted for a waistcoat. Some took their suit pants (most peoples suits were from the prom and such). Meh. I suppose what I wanted was confirmation that it was bad fitting, really. And more to the point, what exactly can be done.
This aint gonna be SF approved by any means. The party I went to a few nights ago was "Break Up a Suit", so I did just that. Except with a tuxedo. Shoot me, I suppose. The tuxedo itself is too big in the chest, and too long (a 36L), the sleeves are too wide and the armholes low for my taste I suppose. The jacket is a 50/50 wool-mohair blend. I took the jacket off in night, and thought I looked alright (at least, in comparison to the other people.) I took the classic...
Quote: Originally Posted by PregnantBob The story goes it was adopted due to black material having a green hue when lit by early artificial lighting, that's not just an urban myth right? Nah. Black woolen fabric legitimately looks shit under artificial lighting (particularly camera flashes.) Simply look at all the prom photos taken by parents and you'll see that the ones wearing navy look much darker and more elegant. Black sucks. I'm...
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