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What do people think about pleats + chinos? I never used to like pleats on anything but I tried cuffing a pair of slim pleated chinos and daaaaaaaaamn. Crisp as fuck.
Can confirm. Race is the one thing you absolutely cannot change at all, that also seems to be one of the biggest factors. Thank god hot blondes aren't my type.Now redheads, on the other hand...
Sorry, I didn't know ask a question was a thing. I think I know the guy you're talking about, rirawin? He does physical delivery proxies from the UK. I just need someone to make an online order on the US website and enter my address when they make the order. I messaged a few people who started threads offering physical proxies, but I thought I might have better luck appealing to the goodwill of the public =/
The Bloor location is the nicest looking CM store in Canada, IMO. It's in a historic U of T building. Also the least busy. I used to work there and there were shifts when I would be lucky to have five people in total come into the mens store, which was situated in the tiny basement. Their selection is about the same as the Eaton Centre location, but from what I saw at other locations Bloor Street seems to put more stress on customer service than most other stores. You can...
I am willing to negotiate on the price, and it really couldnt' be easier on your end. Really desperate here ):
I don't understand the appeal of ridiculously heavy denim. They take forever to fade, and seem very impractical unless you're planning to ride into battle with that thing on.
That is an absolutely gorgeous jacket.
Hi, I am looking for a proxy for Uniqlo, but only for the credit card transaction. I have a US address, but no US credit card so I can't order from the website. All I need is for someone to place the order for me online and provide my address as the shipping address. It'll take less than 5 minutes. My order is about $98, I will pay $105 via Paypal. Anyone willing to help a guy out?
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