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Prob. thought he had bigger shoulders than he really has.
Anyone have any Elmer T. or other Buffalo Trace dist. bourbon they want to sell. PM me. Thanks, JT
Even though not a fan of him...Matt Lauer probably had the best/classic look in my quick viewing.
Drakes gone. Thanks, JT
Couple Drakes ties that I bought but just never wear ties anymore. Really nice slubby textured fabric. Basically new. Slightly less than 3inch at widest point -- 2 7/8inch. The Drakes are the two in the close up pic. $40 shipped each for the drakes or take them both for $75 shipped. That's a steal for these and much less than prices I have seen. 2 BB tie. 2.5 inch. Really nice for fall. $25 shipped CONUS. If you don't like the prices, make me an offer. Take all...
Gotta move this...make an offer. Great all around wear anywhere jacket.
Engineered Garments Navy Whipcord Bedford. Size L...fits more like M. Worn about 5 times...with tags. Pics from previous listing but looks same and same condition. Great all around blazer/jacket. SOLD Thanks...JT
Next LHS? Have Alden Color 8 LHS and these Rancourt Beefroll Shell: Any thoughts on what LHS next...Rancourts seem close to Whiskey to me. Should I go natty cxl, cigar? Thoughts?
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