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Very nice pair of running/trail running shorts from Arc'Teryx. These are $80 shorts and hard to find on sale at any retailers. Mens Medium. Only tried on for short run and washed in tech wash for athletic clothing. No marks and look/ feel new. With pulled off tags. Two side and three rear pockets. Great ventilation and quick dry/amazing feeling fabric. Find some reviews....they are top notch. $45 shipped CONUS.
Still looking for Patagonia 5 panel mesh camp hats. Anyone have one they don't wear? Thanks...JT
Wanted/Looking for Patagonia Mesh Backed hats. These are usually 5 or 3 panel soft brimmed hats with white open hole mesh backing. If you have one laying around PM me a quick pic and price. Thanks...JT
Nice pair of trail shoes that just aren't working for me size wise. Been trail running and trying out shoes. The La Sportiva Helios have great reviews...google them reviews are amazing. Nice combo of light weight, support and protection. I have put about 25 trail only miles on these and they look great. These are the Orange in 42.5 (they run 1/2 to whole size small). Meaning if you buy your running shoes in size 8.5 than these will give you the proper thumb width...
Price drop...get running this summer. JT
Great looking Saucony Peregrine 4 Trail running shoe. Size 9. Newest trail shoe from Saucony. This pair has been on one short (under 3miles trail run). Nubs still on sole. Great traction and fairly lightweight. Check out the pics. Clean and still has new shoe smell. No box and marked sample under tongue. Check out review: http://runblogger.com/2014/03/saucony-peregrine-4-trail-shoe-review-by-bikernate.html SOLD Thanks...JT
Good ole fashion #8 chukka love today.
IMO...saphir tons better for shell. Venetion fine on calf. Yes, I know what all the people in the know and horween have said. But for shell my own use has shown Saphir reno rocks, is the bomb or what ever outdated cliché you want to use.
Get the color 8 indys w/commando. I wear my color 8 indys more than any of my boots...one of my favs easy. I wish mine had commando. I would say the 8D Tru and Barrie fit pretty close. Great boots...pull the trigger.
A. Congrats on the little one...awesome. B. Anyone have a real world pic of the Russet Tweed Walts...more orange or brown/Khaki? thanks...JT
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