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Too many hats...most recent for sale. Patagonia duckbill 5panel in peach. One size, worn once. $25 shipped CONUS. Thanks...JT
Passing these on...Used Alden Snuff chukka 8E on Leydon last. I bought them as a jeans bum around shoe that I wouldn't have to worry about, but they ended up a bit short for me (I am an 8 Barrie, check my feedback here). Check the original sale link below...all the info you need. In my hands the suede is a bit better than pics...soles probably a bit worse. I was going to have my local guy put new heels on for $40 and call it a day. I didn't notice any difference with E...
Thinking of picking up a couple suedes myself. How is the tan suede on Alden tan? I have the nat cxl from a couple years ago and love it (btw...nat cxl is my go to belt for tan suede and seems to work well).
Shell Indy in general are some of my favs...love my Indy 8s and would love some cigars. Hit us with a pic of the cigars when you can. Thanks, JT
Thanks...They are the Ben Silver style...but a Neiman Marcus version (and not shell...shhh) I do like this tassel version a bit better than the standard tassel moc.JT
A little no sock tassel action:
Red/White/Yellow OX is SOLD BLue Gingham still available. You will love this shirt...has great texture and feel. Make me an offer. JT
Two Great lightly worn Epaulet by Ashland shirts in Small. Great material. Perfect spread color. No stains, yellow pits, smells or anything. Colors: Red Blue White Yellow Summer Oxford (SOLD) and Blue/light Blue Gingham (STill Available) Size: Small Measurements: Length: 30.25" Shoulder: 17.5" Sleeve: 25" Chest: 19.5" Fit is slim, texture and material is great. You will love these shirts. $50 each or take both $90 shipped CONUS. Thanks...JT
Man....wish I was a 10 Barrie right now...some nice stuff poppin everywhere.
Yeah, sick pants....too bad only one of them is $50 or I'd buy a few.
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