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"you have my word" lol
Lemaire might be too tight in the shoulders depending on the piece.
@LA Guy Hey Fok, what do we have to do to change the thread title so we stop getting possessive, entitled goobers popping in every couple of weeks? Should we start a poll with better thread names?
This feels like an episode of Lost, but the aircraft that crashed was a C-130 full of soldiers instead of a passenger airliner.
From a few weeks ago, with @KongGeorgeVII, me, @thatoneguy, @Guy Burgess, and Kristen. [[SPOILER]]
Seriously impressed by @Cotton Dockers' evo over the past few months. Looking forward to seeing your fits when your clothes are beat up and worn in!
"What was Rick Owens the kid like? - Rick the kid was a soft sissy."
Thanks for the recs. I've seen Samurai Champloo before but I'll have to check out Trigun. Anyone got any other recs for futuristic/space anime?
While we're talking about anime, anyone got any recs for something similar to Cowboy Bebop? I'm in the mood for some space.
Free tha nipple.
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