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Does anyone know where I could source some Rangoon in a plain Navy? I know it's discontinued, but a few bolts seem to pop up every now and then. I've heard it's exceptional cloth and quite suited to my climate.
You want an MA-1.
holy shit
I cringe every time I read the word privilege*. EDIT:
I've tried to contact them about an item and haven't received a reply, it's been a week or so.
Army green isn't exactly a common colour for suiting fabrics. I emailed and asked about colour options and was told a dark grey or charcoal would also be available. I was hoping that the light grey flannel would also be available, but it would probably have durability issues. I dunno why you'd want contrast ribbing tbh.
I bought a III and it was too small, and I'm exactly your height. A IV should fit fine.On a related note, if anyone is after a III in the Sisian, PM me.
Perhaps sneaker heads don't like Macklemore because his song "Wing$" actually calls them out for being wholly brainwashed by consumerism.— F.E. Castleberry (@FECastleberry) March 7, 2013
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