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"What was Rick Owens the kid like? - Rick the kid was a soft sissy."
Thanks for the recs. I've seen Samurai Champloo before but I'll have to check out Trigun. Anyone got any other recs for futuristic/space anime?
While we're talking about anime, anyone got any recs for something similar to Cowboy Bebop? I'm in the mood for some space.
Free tha nipple.
But it doesn't have any pockets??
While you're here @dieworkwear, any other fashun podcasts you recommend? Thanks for the Care Tags rec.
Is there anything that Abbot won't ruin?
Thanks for the heads up man. I think I'm closer to your size so it looks like we're competing now hahaha.
@Bam!ChairDance We don't cop import tax unless the item is valued over 1k. I can't really afford his clothes right now, so I'd want to fondle them and try them on before convincing myself to kop. I've been visiting Herm├ęs and seeing his work there(which is great) but that is even more expensive, no way I'm talking myself into that stuff
The outerwear and trouser cuts as always are on point, but I still can't get on board with his tailored jackets. Silhouette of the trench and shorts is a killer. I wish there was just one stockist in Australia
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