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Feels like Raf's Greatest Hits.
Yeah I'm on the fence about them but it was hot.
Keep this Straya train rolling. [[SPOILER]]
A lightly used pair of C&J Westfields, on the 325 last. Very versatile style and colour, and have never gone a night without shoe trees. Thick double sole has plenty of life left, with a little more wear on the toes. I'm throwing in a free tin of used Saphir Medaille D'Or Light Brown polish. Shoe trees are not included. I'm asking $200 plus shipping, which should be around $40-$50 to the states. PM me for a quote.
Selling a gently worn pair of the infamous Marlow penny loafers. They are the perfect penny loafer. A couple of nicks and scratches on the heels from resting on bar stools in the summer. A little wear on the toes, but the thick double sole has plenty of wear left before a resole or topy. These are suitable for a 9.5D. I'm throwing in a free jar of lightly used Saphir Cordovan cream. Shoe trees are not included. These retail for $850. I'm asking $280 plus shipping,...
Probably one of my favourite films of all time. Try to grab a copy with the interview with Ridley Scott about the making of, he's hilarious.
I really wish you were wearing different pants with this. The top half is so grungy and textured, I feel like the flat black pants are too plain to be coherent. Feels a little top heavy too.Also, bring back thumb comments.
"you have my word" lol
Lemaire might be too tight in the shoulders depending on the piece.
@LA Guy Hey Fok, what do we have to do to change the thread title so we stop getting possessive, entitled goobers popping in every couple of weeks? Should we start a poll with better thread names?
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