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What the fuck I didn't even know that shop existed...Guy don't you live in Melbourne?
What the fuck that is awesome.
Dat neoprene jacket
Try them on at Harrold's, the Skinny Guy fit me better but I am a stick, so YMMV.
I'm a big Diaz fan, but I was unimpressed by his performance. He seemed completely befuddled that GSP was able to counter his wakigatame strategy, even though GSP is one of the most cerebral and analytical fighters in the game. He didn't even change his tactic after he discovered it was ineffective. I was frustrated at his lack of offense, just like in the last rounds of the Condit fight, but I still think retirement is the wrong move. He needs a better coach/camp.
They only had a 50 left (I'm a 46), but thanks anyway KoY.
Anyone know where to kop slim jeans in a wool? I'm looking for a mid-grey, not many around or my google-fu is weak.
Here you go.
GSP won't let Diaz get into his riddum and will take him down at will. I haven't been this excited for a card in a while.
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