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X-post from the Denim Challenge.
What the fuck is going on
I only invest in vests.
You shut your whore mouth and leave Otto alone. He might have a weird penchant for Walter van Beirendonck that I'll never understand but he's such a sweetheart.
Can we go back to talking about anime now?
The Lemaire website/shop is live! Looks like it's just pre-orders for S/S 15, available from the 5th of March. Site still a bit buggy but I assume they'll be working through it.
Hahaha drunk Zissou is back
I know a few people have been looking for this, MMM Viscose Knit, popularised by the man himself, Regis. I would kop but too $$ for me right now.
Great to see someone snapped up that shetland on thecorner, that price was too good!
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