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eh makes me rage so he get's 5/5, well done Jeromestyles.
It was nice until I got to the sneakers
Florsheim sells horsehair brushes for around $20. Dunno if they have a store in Perth though.
Just the DT guys for now, but even they're fragmented
I popped into an R.M Williams store today about a fault on my boots that I noticed recently. It definitely wasn't on them when they arrived so it must have occurred sometime within the past month or so: Although I hadn't bought them at the store, the SA exchanged them on the spot for me. They didn't have the size of the original boots with a leather sole, but he was very happy to exchange them for a pair with leather soles which were a width down. I was surprised and...
All of the RMW stores that I have visited have had staff that were all very knowledgeable, and always willing to go out of their way to find things out for me if they didn't know.Also Lear, look what I found while looking for moar shoe shining tips
Aww man why didn't I get any boot bags! Picked up a pair of chestnut Craftsman with the stitched welt as my first decent shoe, those whiskey/tan ones are starting the itch again already. I tried to get a nice shine on them like you did Lear, it's taking me forever! Might throw another few layers of polish today. I picked up some Waproo because I only had Dark Tan in the Kiwi and it's got some red in it. Also, does anyone know how much sleeker the Macquaries are than the...
I agree with most when they say that it is too formal for jeans. Maybe in suede or with a medallion on the toe? Or both
This man speaks nothing but wisdom.
Cut off his rat tail. Right now.
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