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Fxh, can I ask what weight socks you ordered from Viccel? I'm about to place an order, but I'm not quite sure what weight would be appropriate for Brissy.
I feel like I'm watching Antiques Roadshow. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I thoroughly enjoy Antiques Roadshow.
I'm officially based in the Chermside store, so feel free to pop in anytime. I work from midday Thursday through to Monday, and I'm sure you will enjoy the kit instore and the food and drink should you choose to have a snack or a coffee.Windowpane, I'm not quite sure about the origin of the Faconnable trousers but I will make sure to enquire about the tomorrow. I will keep you posted.
There's no new season as of yet, but there are plenty of Borrelli shirts and Cantarelli trousers on sale for decent prices. All of the Sutor shoes are on sale too.Speaking of Richards & Richards, we opened our new store at Chermside yesterday. We will be carrying mainly our house brand for suiting and shirting, and will be getting in some Faconnable casualwear next week. The store looks fucking fantastic, and the bistro/menswear concept we have running is getting a very...
A dark brown leather belt. Unless you're going to match the shade exactly(which means you should have commisioned a belt made from the same suede by the shoemaker), don't stress too much about matching belts and shoes.
My warboner had never been as strong as it was after watching that fight.
I'd say stick with the dainite if you were purchasing a wet weather shoe. With all of the rain in Brisbane recently I have also decided to buy a dedicated wet weather shoe, and I've also entertained the idea of resoling my R.M.W's with the factory brass screwed rubber sole and reserve it for beater use, since that's generally how I treat them anyway.
Too many people on SF spending all of their disposable income on Wangs these days...
From what I can see from that the fit looks great. Details on the buttons and the handwork? The price point is fantastic, looking forward to photos with better lighting.
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