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Those of us born in the digital age don't have that issue, you analogue types are fast becoming obsolete...
Damn that's a fine collection. I love those chelseas, are they wholecuts? And dat Grant
I'd try to get them to order in a Macquarie in 7.5 and in a 7. The SA should have no troubles with that, mine didn't. You might have to wait 2-3 weeks though.
You guise are just jelly of his shredded aesthetics. Don't worry bro, they are 'mirin on the inside.
Baller as fuck. I'll buy an 007 one day...
You don't have to roll it up again, I only roll it to get the excess water out without wringing. After rolling I just lay it flat in some shade.
If it says hand wash only, you should probably just hand wash it. I usually do my sweaters all at once, with some mild shampoo. Then I roll them up in multiple towels to get some of the water out, and leave to dry flat on a towel for a day. You can brush them with a horsehair brush occasionally too.
Anyone in Brisbane interested in any Saphir products? I was thinking of ordering some Renovateur and maybe some polish from Valmour and if I could split some shipping with an interested party that would be swell. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Shoulda bought some gold two weeks ago with all that money and then you could have had every shoe your heart desires...
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