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Would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on this article about the current day state of the kimono and the surrounding debate of appreciation/appropriation. Paging @Rosenrot, @nicelynice, @fuuma, @dieworkwear, and all of you noragi wearers out there.
So many of his fits bombed so at least he's being consistent.
Stumbled across a womenswear designer I enjoy, Studio Nicholson. Androgynous, playful volume with very CM use of colour due to her background in menswear. Here are some of her looks I liked from her Pre-Fall collection. And an interview if it pleases you.
I think it's a combination of silhouette, layering, texture and colour that aren't marketed to men due to them being (generally) far more conservative. Adver/Editorials are generally where all of the good men's styling lurks but this also varies widely among publications. I'd love to see @diniro doing some styling work, as his scope of silhouette and colour texture etc is the most adventurous and well-developed among regular posters here.Also a shoutout to our friends from...
I just ordered the Slowness Edition, if it's good I'll pick up the previous issue too.
Dat styling
This was a really enjoyable read. Thanks Nicely!
Craig Green Quilted Vests [[SPOILER]]
That list makes me miss so many posters...
Yo this is your best yet, keep experimenting.
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