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Stumbled across a womenswear designer I enjoy, Studio Nicholson. Androgynous, playful volume with very CM use of colour due to her background in menswear. Here are some of her looks I liked from her Pre-Fall collection. And an interview if it pleases you.
I think it's a combination of silhouette, layering, texture and colour that aren't marketed to men due to them being (generally) far more conservative. Adver/Editorials are generally where all of the good men's styling lurks but this also varies widely among publications. I'd love to see @diniro doing some styling work, as his scope of silhouette and colour texture etc is the most adventurous and well-developed among regular posters here.Also a shoutout to our friends from...
I just ordered the Slowness Edition, if it's good I'll pick up the previous issue too.
Dat styling
This was a really enjoyable read. Thanks Nicely!
Craig Green Quilted Vests [[SPOILER]]
That list makes me miss so many posters...
Yo this is your best yet, keep experimenting.
Wait wtf where is the Jan Jan?
That is ToG, but I'll let Matt explain how he took that amazing shot!
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