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The only jacket I own that fits me is fairly short and has super slim lapels, and if it's cool enough temperature wise I'll be wearing that and some slim dark jeans. We can be scrubs together! I'm sure the blokes aren't going to be snobby about it, they're decent guys from what I've seen.
I'm keen to attend, I won't be as splendidly dressed as you all as I don't have many occasions to wear jacketa or suits but if weather permits I might have to work something out. Looking forward to meeting you all.
Damn that's a nice shine. Was that Brown Kiwi or the Dark Tan? I've been polishing with Waproo cream but I figured I should throw some wax on them for the extra protection.
I demand pics when they arrive.
Those wholecuts above, but in racing green
Those of us born in the digital age don't have that issue, you analogue types are fast becoming obsolete...
Damn that's a fine collection. I love those chelseas, are they wholecuts? And dat Grant
I'd try to get them to order in a Macquarie in 7.5 and in a 7. The SA should have no troubles with that, mine didn't. You might have to wait 2-3 weeks though.
You guise are just jelly of his shredded aesthetics. Don't worry bro, they are 'mirin on the inside.
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