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Yes, I've noticed that. I'll be combating it with lots of Waproo cream.As for the toe, I've found that an old stocking is the easiest way to get a deep shine in the wax. I've tried an old mesh shirt and a microfibre cloth so far, but the stocking is really something else. I believe the heat caused by friction with the synthetic fibre, and the lesser amount of wax actually being removed by the pantyhose contributes to the shines I am achieving now. However, as with all...
picsoritdidn'thappen.jpgI love half asian girls, I think they are the hottest hybrid on the plant. I'm half Japanese myself so I've had plenty of exposure to them, and I can't get enough. Blackanese girls, Caucazns, I have even met a Lebanese-Chinese hybrid, and she was a 10/10.Also, more descriptions of the Melb minimeet plox.
I wonder how much a spider-silk tie would cost...
After weeks and weeks of working on them every other day or so, my boots are finally starting to take a candy-coat shine.
Suede protector spray for the suede, and a wax or cream polish for the calf depending on what kind of shine you want. Maybe cover the calf up with newspaper or something when spraying with the suede protector.
The amount of money he spent on it is irrelevant, especially if you take into account his recent thread entitled "Occupy Styleforum?". The criticism of his criticism instead should be directed at the fact that it included nothing constructive.I won't comment on 's jacket because I don't know enough about suiting and I am susceptible to "groupthink".
Thanks for the extra info, the finer details are always interesting.
Have you even seen this thread?
No worries
0:00 - 0:25 Removing laces, Brushing to remove dirt and dust.0:25 - 0:45 Applying conditioner.0:45 - 1:10 Shoe cream? Or maybe a form of applying pigment.1:10 - 1:25 Second Brushing, preparing the surface for wax.1:25- 1:40 Quick buffing to remove extra cream/pigment. Note the excess collected by the cloth when he removes it.1:40 - 2:20 Application of wax. He seems to be using coloured and neutral wax. He intermittently dabs water onto the cloth. The water dispenser...
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