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It all depends on your budget, and what you want from the suit. The general consensus here would be to go with the Antichi Telai or the Cantarelli, but if that doesn't fit your budget, then the fit of the suit means nothing. Is this your first suit? If this isn't your first suit, what other suits do you own? Where will you be wearing it?
I would pay you in both currency and sexual favours if you made a video rapping this verse.
Waproo cream is a popular choice, I have a tin for my R.M's. It's an Australian company so it should be common enough, I usually see it at the cobbler's shops I walk past, although I live in Brisbane.
That depends on a number of factors, including; how heavy the flow is, the dimensions of her innards (all of my shoes are women), and whether I've kept her laced up or not.I try not to use too many, as the tampons will expand as they absorb fluid and if I overstuff her, her vamp may stretch too much
I use female sanitary pads to soak water from the soles, and stuff the insides with tampons. I find this the most efficient method of drying my shoes as these products were specifically designed with absorbancy in mind.
Just wow. If I was your size I would have purchased many of these. Why can't you be an anorexic 36R like me?
Hahahah you wouldn't catch me dead in a pair of knee high socks, unless I was taking the piss out of something/someone. Some of the folks overseas seem to be fond of them, but they're definitely not my style.
Search up the thread for Viccel socks on Styleforum. They have socks in over the calf and over the knee in heaps of basic colours, and they're only $8 or so a pair with the styleforum discount. I don't own a pair myself but I plan to soon.
Go for gold.
Imagine all of the sleepless nights that Stitches is going to have now. Expect PM's from him
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