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Fuck that jacket makes me rigid.
This is my fetish
I don't know if I'd want to use apple cucumber, but have you tried it with cracked pepper on top? Also, what kind of tonic are you using? I bought some Fever Tree and Q-Tonic after seeing it in a bottleshop but I honestly don't think it's worth the exorbitant price difference compared to Schweppes. It wasn't bad though, I preferred the Q-Tonic out of the three.
It really depends on what you have available to you. If you already have a polish which matched the colour of your shoes, then use that. If you haven't, and your shoes desperately need cleaning, neutral won't hurt at all.
I second this.
Is the guy still doing it?
It wasn't me who said that, it was nutcracker. He makes his own creams and conditioner apparently. The wax he uses was part Saphir MDO and Neutral Kiwi Parade Gloss IIRC.
A lot of polishers choose to mix their polishes. You should give it a go, and if it's wax you can always strip it off if it doesn't look as nice as you thought it would.
When I was first introduced to CVS Cloth Tape by a senior member of this board, I scoffed.The whole concept of using cloth tape to enhance my lifestyle seemed absurd, but the more I heard about it, the more curious I became. It started with a simple lining of a collar to extend a shirt's amount of wears before washing, and then to repair my $500 shoes in a pinch. Once my eyes had been opened to the virtues of CVS Cloth Tape, I could not stop using it.I have used it to turn...
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