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Just make your own mang, much cheaper and only takes 5-10 minutes.http://cocktails.about.com/od/mixology/r/simple_syrup.htmTanqueray and Tonic, cucumber and lime garnish.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/2082/edward-green-stowe-does-anyone-have-a-pic/0_30#post_16065 AHarris' guide to Antiquing. The sticky must have fallen off, it was in the Best Posts thread that has disappeared...
A link would be great Dicko, $10 shipped is a good price.I initially tried the Waproo Chestnut cream for my Craftsmans, but I wasn't getting the shine I wanted so I've switched to Kiwi Dark Tan and I'm getting good results.R.M's are pretty popular in Brisbane among business types, not so much with uni students though.
I usually grip the base of the heel and pull them off while I'm sitting down. I'm positive you aren't damaging the uppers, leather is pretty tough yo.
The wax's protective property is that it gets scuffed instead of the leather, it's simply a layer over the top.
The gorge height isn't my cup of tea but it looks good. Make sure to update us once it's finished
R.M Williams are famous for their wholecut Chelsea boot, and Baxter Boots offer wholecuts aswell. I'm not sure about makers in America and ENgland, but those are two well known Australian brands.
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