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No doubt. Make sure to update with pics if you do go with your preferred configuration, I don't think I've seen a Cordovan Punched Captoe Adelaide before.
Just bought and finished Journey, and it was the first time a videogame has ever made me cry*. It's very short, but simply fantastic, and I'll be buying the rest of the games the developer has released. * Except for when Aerith died, but everyone cried then fuck you
Watching all of the attempts at black tie at the Logies makes me want to tear my eyes out
The rolls aren't too noticeable in that photo I agree. Is the shoe's purpose a business shoe? Or are you just filling a hole in your collection? The punched captoe in black and rubber soles aren't very congruent, I agree, and the model in question also has closed lacing making it very formal. I can't help but think the rubber sole would be better suited to a wingtip as well. In the end it's your decision, and I'm sure you'll be with the result, no matter what you decide on!
Holy fuck. Quoting this these pics in their entirety because that tie is badass.
PM sent.
Completely off topic Meister, but may I ask where you find all of those magnificent vintage shoes? I believe we aren't the same size, so I won't be competing with you for them I have been fiending for a pair of spades and spectators for a long time...
I was just reading it, has definitely put me off! I'll need to see Deer to get my handwelted fix soon...
I think I'd prefer a Wingtip with Cordovan as it draws some attention away from the inevitable beef rolls, whereas a horizontal cap toe might accentuate the waves in the cordovan. I'm a big fan of that adelaide, the detailing on the tongue is something not often seen these days
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