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Brisbane's too small not to see at least one of each of us a day. There probably are some Brisbanites in hiding though.
Due to an overload of orders, Pepe won't be taking any more mail orders unitl further notice. I believe it will be around the same time as the web store opening.
SF strikes again. I wonder if many of these smaller operations expand their facilities and subsequently run into financial difficulty when SF gets bored of the latest Flavour of the Month.
My Viccel order arrived today, after around 8 business days. I ordered the size 10-11.5's in the Winter Weight, and the OTC models were approximately 26 inches long, with the mid calf measuring 18. I think they're an absolute bargain for the price, they look and feel great.
The Brisbane boys will get a chuckle out of this.
I wonder if he has Topy put on his shoes...
This is a double four-in-hand, or a Neapolitan knot, standard fare for the fora. Just do a normal four-in-hand with an extra wrap around. If in doubt, there should be a video on Youtube.
The fit on the models look terribad, but the pricing seems okay. More interested in the knit ties than the shirts, to be honest.
I was just thinking about this the other day. Light gray would work too, and I thought an olive pant on the paler side would be interesting. As long as you stay on the pale side for shirts, I don't really think you can go wrong.
Love dat Weymouth, first saw that style with the G&G Grant and fell in love
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