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Is the guy still doing it?
It wasn't me who said that, it was nutcracker. He makes his own creams and conditioner apparently. The wax he uses was part Saphir MDO and Neutral Kiwi Parade Gloss IIRC.
A lot of polishers choose to mix their polishes. You should give it a go, and if it's wax you can always strip it off if it doesn't look as nice as you thought it would.
When I was first introduced to CVS Cloth Tape by a senior member of this board, I scoffed.The whole concept of using cloth tape to enhance my lifestyle seemed absurd, but the more I heard about it, the more curious I became. It started with a simple lining of a collar to extend a shirt's amount of wears before washing, and then to repair my $500 shoes in a pinch. Once my eyes had been opened to the virtues of CVS Cloth Tape, I could not stop using it.I have used it to turn...
HNGHHHHHHHHH Namor, you have to poast pics when they arrive! The Wigmore is a must rep boot for me, I'll own a pair alongside some Grants one day!
Reminds me of something from Japan that I wouldn't be able to post here...
Bumping an SF classic. Does anyone know what happened with the factory-made yet not gemmed shoes Ron Rider was talking about?
Yeah do it Rene, I haven't seen the depths of your collection yet.
Fuck Gemming.
That is exactly why I come to SF. I have the weirdest boner right now.
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