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Hello, and welcome to the Forvm. Your best bet for shoes trees is to find someone in the same area and split shipping.
Pictures as requested. The toes look a little distorted in this picture, which I think is due to the shoe trees. I'm using Woodlore epics, but I think I'll have to find a pair that fit better. Double sole, Topy'd(gasp!) Closeup on the stitching. Shoes are hand welted. Closeup on the closed channel. This was my first MTM shoe, with my only other SF approved footwear being a pair of RMW's. MTM is definitely a learning experience, and there are a lot of things I...
I'm 19 and although I don't wear suits often, I wear chestnut R.M's with wool trousers all the time. It's a pretty common occurance in Brisbane.
From what I've read in the R.M Williams thread and my own personal experience, R.M don't offer their boot trees anymore. Furthermore, they never seemed to make them in the first place, and instead contracted Rochester to make the trees. They didn't seem to fit particularly well anway. Currently I'm using some Woodlore Epic Trees in my pair of R.M's. Hope this helps!
MTM. I'll have to take some photos and post them, they've been sitting in their shoe bags recently with all this bloody rain.
+1. I have a pair of Deer shoes I'm very happy with.http://www.deerstyle.blogspot.com
Depends on what style you're after and what your budget is. There isn't much in the way of styles popular on SF, and the places that do stock better shoes(R&R, Mitchell Ogilvy), charge through the nose for them.
If anyone is looking for a Green Breast Wallet, there is one at my local Hermes store, and I'd be happy to proxy it for you. The SA informed me that a monogram is not available, but apart from that detail is an exact match to Mafoofan's. PM me for a piece of SF history! I had to do everything to keep myself from bursting out in laughter when the SA showed it to me, it was magical
Thank you so much for sharing this, love your work. I have subscribed to your posts so I don't miss anything else.
I'd love an answer to this as well, if any of the resident shoe care experts would like to chime in.
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