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+1. I have a pair of Deer shoes I'm very happy with.http://www.deerstyle.blogspot.com
Depends on what style you're after and what your budget is. There isn't much in the way of styles popular on SF, and the places that do stock better shoes(R&R, Mitchell Ogilvy), charge through the nose for them.
If anyone is looking for a Green Breast Wallet, there is one at my local Hermes store, and I'd be happy to proxy it for you. The SA informed me that a monogram is not available, but apart from that detail is an exact match to Mafoofan's. PM me for a piece of SF history! I had to do everything to keep myself from bursting out in laughter when the SA showed it to me, it was magical
Thank you so much for sharing this, love your work. I have subscribed to your posts so I don't miss anything else.
I'd love an answer to this as well, if any of the resident shoe care experts would like to chime in.
Fuck that jacket makes me rigid.
This is my fetish
I don't know if I'd want to use apple cucumber, but have you tried it with cracked pepper on top? Also, what kind of tonic are you using? I bought some Fever Tree and Q-Tonic after seeing it in a bottleshop but I honestly don't think it's worth the exorbitant price difference compared to Schweppes. It wasn't bad though, I preferred the Q-Tonic out of the three.
It really depends on what you have available to you. If you already have a polish which matched the colour of your shoes, then use that. If you haven't, and your shoes desperately need cleaning, neutral won't hurt at all.
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