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Forest green, with emblem embroidered in gold, no?
Inb4 this thread becoming about Vox.
Black shoe criticism is completely unwarranted and one of the more bizarre instances of forum groupthink IMO.
I wish I think this year will be the first where I can participate in Movember, my half asian genetics don't encourage facial hair growth.
The Punched Captoe in stock at the Armoury, in black and on the Simpson last. I tried on a pair of Balmorals locally, and the sleekness had me fully torqued. The waist on those shoes are incredible!
I thought everyone was rocking Chevvy badges these days?
NAMOR, plz buy me one of every shoein Carmina's inventory in a size UK10. I will reimburse you for approximately none of them.Seriously though, I might be joining the Carmina club soon...
Is it weird that I pictured you in my head almost exactly how you look in real life? You kinda let me down by not having a moustache/beard, though.
New Posts  All Forums: