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I was in the same boat until I realised that I don't have the time to be only focussing on the music when I listen to it. I'm more into cans myself, means I don't have to bother people with speakers or spend over 9000 dollahs on some nice speakers, turntable and amp
I'm assuming you mean Brisbane, Australia and not Brisbane, Ontario, Canada. I'd recommend Deer Style. You can find them on Facebook and Tumblr. I haven't personally had any shirting made up, but have seen plenty of examples made for other customers and friends of mine.
There's nothing like the texture and warmth of a nice flannel in Winter. If you're going to be wearing it so little, I think it should be fine. If you're concerned about the trousers, perhaps have a two pairs made for the one jacket?
Just for alterations, or for having things made up?http://www.styleforum.net/t/106565/alterations-in-brisbane-au/0_30Most of the info in this thread is still relevant. The only change to this is that I'm not sure George at R&R is doing alts on things that aren't bought there as his workload is pretty high at the moment. I'll confirm this next time I'm at work though.Avoid Tikk Takk, the woman there is batshit insane(don't ask), and is quite expensive.Needs more Monocle.
PM me if anyone is up for a proxy service, will pay a fee.
+1, those Lobbs look great. I love those flannels too.
Fuck yeah
Spoo, I'm not sure about those boots but I have no idea how they will look in an outfit, which is the most important thing. Fit pic ASAP!
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