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You'll probably get some more answers in the Aussie Member's thread which is floating around somewhere. Calibre is bad quality for an even worse price. Australian brands don't make any nice peacoats AFAIK, but if you bring international makers into the mix then TOJ make a nice one. Do a search for them.
Why would you post a link and then call dibs
Not sure on the brack coat, contrast seems a bit harsh no?
I like the colours/textures in this fit, but how is the length on those jeans?
I really wish it was mine. That, I believe, is Vox's.The thing I think I love most about this picture, is that every shoe on display has some noticeable wear on the sole. It isn't just a museum, it's legitimate storage.
I was in the same boat until I realised that I don't have the time to be only focussing on the music when I listen to it. I'm more into cans myself, means I don't have to bother people with speakers or spend over 9000 dollahs on some nice speakers, turntable and amp
I'm assuming you mean Brisbane, Australia and not Brisbane, Ontario, Canada. I'd recommend Deer Style. You can find them on Facebook and Tumblr. I haven't personally had any shirting made up, but have seen plenty of examples made for other customers and friends of mine.
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