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http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/covent-check-grey-navySomeone who takes a 36 should buy this before I do I vote a grey, as it looks better with the black tophat. News on the darker green is awesome, I have been hankering for a rich forest green tie.
He's a blatant troll, spouting rubbish all over the board for a few days now. The mods will have him soon...
Suddenly,Thousands of shoemakers across the world are berated and bullied with queries regarding the utilisation of precise mouldings of feet. Saks Fifth Avenue is rapidly depleted of it's stock of Luxury Plaster of Paris. Numerous threads about the subject, including fiery debates arguing the exact PoP:water ratio essential for an air bubble free cast, and whether Chinese plaster is inferior to Italian, are created. The more affluent members are discovered using CNC...
You'll probably get some more answers in the Aussie Member's thread which is floating around somewhere. Calibre is bad quality for an even worse price. Australian brands don't make any nice peacoats AFAIK, but if you bring international makers into the mix then TOJ make a nice one. Do a search for them.
Why would you post a link and then call dibs
Not sure on the brack coat, contrast seems a bit harsh no?
I like the colours/textures in this fit, but how is the length on those jeans?
I really wish it was mine. That, I believe, is Vox's.The thing I think I love most about this picture, is that every shoe on display has some noticeable wear on the sole. It isn't just a museum, it's legitimate storage.
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