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From what I can see from that the fit looks great. Details on the buttons and the handwork? The price point is fantastic, looking forward to photos with better lighting.
Hahaha I didn't mean I wanted it to change JUST FOR ME, just wasn't sure what was going on with all of the upcoming changes. Thankyou for the heads up.I was hoping I could get away with it, that peacoat looks so damn fine. Thanks for the info anyway Nereis.
Any word on future changes to the peacoat? I'm going to be ordering one soon for Winter down here, but I just want to be sure I don't order one only to have a more refined iteration come out a month later Southern Hemisphere Edition:
Because runway stuff = things people actually wear right? inb4 moar man-children jumping on the bandwagon.
I work for R&B, so feel free to take anything I say with a grain of salt, but there is a lot wrong with this post.R&B suits are half-canvassed, made in Turkey. They are supposedly made in the same factory as Z Zegna and other brands, but that doesn't mean the quality is on par with Z Zegna.Fabric is often Loro Piana, and sometimes other mills but always clearly marked on the inside of the jacket. There are two cuts at R&B, a slim, and regular.I'm not a fan of the suits...
Hope you have a speedy recovery mate, that's a story for the grandkids.
This may be the beginning of the end for me.
I'm not entirely sure. I'd have to ask Rene, but if you give me a picture I'd be happy to.
I believe it is a true angled channel, from what I've seen from the other samples in Deer's showroom.The changes I'd make would be mainly aesthetic, but in terms of order process I would definitely have measurements taken in the morning while my feet haven't swollen up. I've noticed that in the morning the heel can be quite loose, but in the afternoon the fit is satisfactory. I'd rather have a tight initial fit that slowly loosens as I break the shoe in, than a heel that...
New Posts  All Forums: