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Thankyou for your informative reply.
Can you please elaborate on the bolded? By paper, do you mean paper pattern?
Why would you buy anything from Oxford?
The entire card was fantastic for once, I was on the edge of my seat for every fight. Alan Belcher is a fucking beast, as is Diaz.
You do realise that different lasts fit different feet differently, so his experience will differ from yours?
This seems almost too good to be true. Handwelted shoes for 250 Euro, available in both classic and sleek lasts? Now for the deluge of sizing questions.
Well I have less than two weeks until I have to start growing up, and it will be the most glorious two weeks of my life so far
Did you skip being 18?
Considering his age I'd respectfullly disagree, Man of Lint. Girls that age tend to dickride trends harder than Nick Wooster, so perhaps have an interview suit with a little break, and the black for going out and no break? I think taking your height into account, that cuffs would be in order.As much as I enjoy timeless styling, sometimes it isn't appropriate for someone my age (19).
Pretty sure you can't buy Saphir products in Sydney, with purchasing them from overseas being the only option.
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