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City Beach stocks it, so unless you are a 15 year old I would suggest against it. The jackets I've seen aren't made very well, just more mass-produced rubbish for the masses.
The shoes kill this IMO. Everything looks pretty good though, the belt is really cool.
I'm sure that a burst seam would be an extreme case, but I have seen it happen before as a result of both poor dry cleaning and home steaming.
I have read an article from a dry cleaner on the Forvm that stated to never hang higher-end suits in the shower to remove creasing and whatnot, as it nullifies the ironwork done to a garment during it's construction, and has the potential to burst seams.
Don't listen to Reevolving.
Zombie kicked ass, got a little gassed in the 4th round but was very impressive, especially in the finish. Rest of the card was pretty meh, I didn't catch the prelims though.
Cheers for the heads up, I'll have to have a look. Do they have any suiting or shirting fabrics?
Polo suede FTW, but ultimately whichever shoe fits you the best should be the one you buy.
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