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Zombie kicked ass, got a little gassed in the 4th round but was very impressive, especially in the finish. Rest of the card was pretty meh, I didn't catch the prelims though.
Cheers for the heads up, I'll have to have a look. Do they have any suiting or shirting fabrics?
Polo suede FTW, but ultimately whichever shoe fits you the best should be the one you buy.
Only the knits are worth it. The four R&B ties I have all pull like crazy and can't hold a dimple to save their lives. After I tidy them up I will be donating them.
I think the added thickness of the topy would change how the shoe flexes and results in unusual creasing, but the portion of your post regarding moisture seems irrelevant to me.
That last isn't as nice as the Deco last G&G stingrays I have seen pictures of. I think stingray needs to be a little more fashion-forward last wise to match the exotic skin.
Australia is a barren wasteland.
Someone doesn't know how to party
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