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Gobusata desu.Definitely the latter, Mr. Howard, like most of us on this forum. The benefit of our insular community is it's global reach and perspective. Do you ever find yourself browsing SW&D? I think you could rock a lot of Yohji's colourful clothing!
Coming from someone that has moved from the conservative backwater that is Brisbane, to a comparatively progressive place like Melbourne, there is far more variety and thought put into clothing and self-representation in this city, especially, but not limited to young people. The overall tone and attitude regarding clothing in Brisbane was very stifling due to the tall-poppy syndrome, backward concepts of masculinity masking hints of homophobia, and a lack of exposure to...
What's that shawl?
What is it?
Raz when are you moving down? Did you mention it a while ago?
Christophe Lemaire AW13/14 Alpaca Wool Scarf
Where did you move, Matt? Next time you're in Melbourne hit me up, I just made the move.
Oh shit.
What are the pants?
Was that at Taro's?
New Posts  All Forums: