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We get away with a lot over here.
We're all fairly MC-oriented in this thread, but there are a few Aussie streetwear guys kicking around. I might pop into the RO thread, I haven't looked at it in ages.
If anyone has a shoe in the Marlow range or the Lindrick in a UK10 for sale, PM me. Most of my interest is aimed towards a penny/tassell loafer, but wingtip offers are welcome too!
Then I already have reserved a spoke I still have to honour our agreement and post a fit pic...
If NORE's downthumbs suggestion became reality none of your posts would be visible to the Forvm, and I wouldn't even have to read your posts when they are quoted by other people. Start giving advice to people when you start demonstrating a basic understanding of how to dress coherently and confidently.
Still saving for that Ferrari?
How's the finishing compared to DC Lewis, if you don't mind me asking?
EDIT: Also, as enthusiastic as you are about your product, I find your website confusing to navigate and there isn't much too information regarding where the fabrics are milled, excluding the Taylor & Lodge category.
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