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The don't include trees last time I asked.
$650-$700 for a pair of Carminas is ridiculous. They're beautiful shoes, but that is unjustifiable when the Armoury sell them for $200 less, let alone the price difference when you buy them from Carmina themselves. I used the Cloakroom for sizing and bought them online
I've just been boring and stuck with the instructions on the box, and fiddling with my grind. I want to find some lighter roast beans to try it with, the darker roasts I usually get a are a little full on some mornings.
Matthew will be my next shoe purchase, how2kop?
The fit on those pents is fantastic, well done.
Did they get home in one piece? I want moar legendary party stories!
Fantastic thread, thankyou.
Vass price is almost double, unless you are visiting the shop itself.
I wear flannel in Brisbane winter, it's too smexy not to.
New Posts  All Forums: