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Definitely not, unless you're directly connected to them. We do alot of (amateur)discussion about various brands and companies.
Cloakroom aren't stocking Renovateur for some strange reason, and only the smaller sized tins of polish, sigh.
Blah, you aren't in Brisbane at the moment by any chance are you?
The don't include trees last time I asked.
$650-$700 for a pair of Carminas is ridiculous. They're beautiful shoes, but that is unjustifiable when the Armoury sell them for $200 less, let alone the price difference when you buy them from Carmina themselves. I used the Cloakroom for sizing and bought them online
I've just been boring and stuck with the instructions on the box, and fiddling with my grind. I want to find some lighter roast beans to try it with, the darker roasts I usually get a are a little full on some mornings.
Matthew will be my next shoe purchase, how2kop?
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