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My MTO will have them too, now the waiting begins...
The anonymity the Internet provides is fascinating.
Aah, that is a shame. I'm trying to break in the captoes today coincidentally. The leather does seem to be a little stiffer than the Carmina's when they were fresh.
I get that they aren't to your taste or your standard, but there is no need to shit on a new poster who is obviously just happy he has a decent pair of shoes.Romp, sizing issues with the munx?
I don't see anything wrong with his Park Ave's, man.
There is no way a troll would go to this much effort, and this scares me.
Remember, this is MC.
Interesting read, thanks for this and the many interesting threads you've been making recently.
I miss outrageous spoo. There are enough Navy Coat/Suit, White/Blue Shirt and Grenadine Tie wearers in this thread. Seeing Spoo's crazy SC's and pocketsquares was a breath of fresh air.
+2 Fuck them, wear what you want to wear.
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