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Inb4 this thread becoming about Vox.
Black shoe criticism is completely unwarranted and one of the more bizarre instances of forum groupthink IMO.
I wish I think this year will be the first where I can participate in Movember, my half asian genetics don't encourage facial hair growth.
The Punched Captoe in stock at the Armoury, in black and on the Simpson last. I tried on a pair of Balmorals locally, and the sleekness had me fully torqued. The waist on those shoes are incredible!
I thought everyone was rocking Chevvy badges these days?
NAMOR, plz buy me one of every shoein Carmina's inventory in a size UK10. I will reimburse you for approximately none of them.Seriously though, I might be joining the Carmina club soon...
Is it weird that I pictured you in my head almost exactly how you look in real life? You kinda let me down by not having a moustache/beard, though.
Mr. K should still be doing some, I swear I saw an ad in the classifieds recently.
New Posts  All Forums: