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The outerwear and trouser cuts as always are on point, but I still can't get on board with his tailored jackets. Silhouette of the trench and shorts is a killer. I wish there was just one stockist in Australia
Whereabouts in Australia are you based? It's going to be easier to layer coming up to winter, which will help a lot. My trans* and fluid friends tend to wear oversized, that vary from unisex to "masculine". The oversized look masks whatever you're packing underneath. I use it often because I am skinny as fuck. Look for a slightly dropped shoulder on jackets, with loose sleeves and midsection. What is the aesthetic you're trying to achieve? Are you after the classic...
I've been looking at a jacket SP has but everything is so expensive. I really don't like all the ankle support on the sneakers, but it makes sense with the jodhpurs from previous seasons showing the same silhouette.
Manton is a long time scholar of Machiavelli and authored a book called The Suit. It's modelled on The Prince, and is supposed to be a comprehensive guide to wearing classic menswear. I bought it for cheap from Book Depository alongside The Prince and read them both, which was good for me as a youngun.
Any recs for next level womenswear blogs? I like this thread but it's slooow.
I got excited when a lady walked into my shop wearing head-to-toe G-Star(even her bag!). I thought she worked for them and wanted to talk to her about Aitor, but it turns out she just worked for a telecommunications company and really loves the brand
Aitor Throup joins G-Star Raw as a Creative Consultant wat http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/04/bof-exclusive-aitor-throup-joins-g-star-raw-creative-consultant.html
Aitor Throup plays games on Facebook wat
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