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I only watched the first episode of Fresh off the Boat and didn't like it at all, wasn't it all just tired asian stereotype jokes but supposed to be funny because asian people are saying them?
They're really going for it this year! I really like this season, almost a retrofuture vibe from this with all of the customary detail and nuance. Really loving the volume and attention paid to the cuffs!
I don't understand the hype on these. All they've done is add a zipper and it looks so ugly, not in a good way either. Colourways are meh too. Save your shekels!
Maybe we should get suicokes?
It's a sign from above
I want to give you a serious answer but I'm too pissed/pissed off that that you conflated the glorious nasal relaxed drawl that is the Australian accent for some posh pom bullshit. Up yours you seppo prick, I hope you drown in all your "freedom". Hooroo
Ohhh good lord that workspace is just as nice as the bag.
For tree-fiddy euro why not just get one made for your specific measurements? The fabric doesn't look like anything special, and neither do the buttons. If you're that particular about shirt length I'm sure you'd have some other tweaks for the design as well? Obviously I'm not aware of your financial situation but spending that much money on a shirt and possibly spending more to alter it seems a little silly. I kind of want to offer a balance and encourage you to do...
What's the point of buying a long shirt if you're just going to hem it?
Is that the MA-1 that folds into a bag??
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