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All of my trousers have cuffs, as I find they add weight to the hem of the pant and create a cleaner line through the leg when coupled with no break. As far as pleats+cuffs, I have no opinion to offer as my trousers are all flat front.My cuffs are all 2 inches as I'm just over 6 feet tall. Cuffs kind of help you to distinguish yourself from the others as they are not very common these days.
Mensbiz is stocking samples of some Penhaglion's fragrances, I think you only pay shipping. I think I'll try the Blenheim Bouquet, I love citrus. EDIT: Seems like a subscribers only offer, here are the links to the samples. Blenheim Bouquet Opus 1870 Sartorial
What do you expect them to do? They can't send you another suit because it will have to be altered anyway, and they can't reimburse you until they confirm it is a defective product.
I have three belts from Equus, fantastic leather and a decent price. Royal Mail is super fast too, which is an added bonus. I've been meaning to order another one. They have an SF discount code too. Don't know how to feel about JM checking out my belt unbeknownst to me
Hey guys, made a rookie error and bought a Stephen Schneider knit without checking the length measurements properly. Knit is pictured with measurements here. I'm a slim 36, 6'0 and this was pretty slim on me and too short, so it would be great for someone who was shorter and possibly thinner. The knit on it is incredible, nicest sweater I've had handled. The colour is a little deeper than pictured on the website, but that may vary depending on your monitor. PM me if...
You have to press it. Get an iron, spray the area you want to press with water. Iron should be really hot. Place a piece of thin cotton over the area you want to press, otherwise it will get shiney(assuming it's wool). Apply iron and downward force to press the jacket to your liking.
Why, boner.
Razele where did you get your Hanes from? Online? I can't wait for winter either, suede A-1 on the way!
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