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Viccel socks are alright, but they tend fade fairly quickly and only the "winter weights" are worth buying. I bought 10 pairs or so a while back, I'm a little bored lack of patterns now too.I usually use a cardholder because I don't have many cards to carry, but when I want to look and feel like a nonce I break out the breastwallet.
Anything in 36R?
Slowly learning
Feathers are much sharper than Derby's so do be cautious on your first shave with them. I have finer hair so feathers give me a fantastic close shave with minimal passes.
When I was at Rhodes & Beckett it was extremely difficult to order items in due to inter-store competition. Some of the managers of the stores in Sydney were incredibly rude and would hang up when I requeated stock (especially suits) to be transferred. I found it very frustrating.
Is that shirt light blue or white? The pale pink with the grey is fantastic.One day I will have trousers that fit that well.
That's so ridiculous and awesome. "Benson, remember to clean the sundial cannon after my deep-tissue at noon."
New Posts  All Forums: