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Arm band is a sleeve garter, to keep your sleeves from riding up during the day.
What last?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/317329/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combinations/0_30This might help as well, started by a member here.
I think that there is a lot of division even amongst certain professions. One particular office may all wear french cuffs, but move to a different floor and they may all wear buttons, or not care at all. I've had customers telling me that in their circle of CEO's, banker's collars were the height of elegance, and I've had other customers tell me that the aforementioned shirts were reserved for plebs. It's all context.
Looks like Simpson to me.
It's a windowpane.
It's probably my favourite last, without seeing the Vass U in person. It's a shame they don't stock more models in that last on the webstore.
New Posts  All Forums: