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Wurkin Stiffs sold separately.
Pleb detected.In all seriousness though, I don't mind that shawl. If the colour of his suit were a little more subdued I think it would be a hit.
I know someone already said this in the SW&D threak, but it would look better with a less CBD shirt. OCBD?
Most of them are at Pitti atm as well.
Thank you for all the Recs and tips guys, now all I have to worry about is spending too much money while I'm there!
Collages steezin since 1991.
I'll be in Melbourne for a week on a holiday with two friends of mine. The lane ways sound unlike anything in Brisbane, should be a treat. I have some friends that have moved to Melbourne so I hope they can give me a tour. We're staying in the Ibis on Little Bourke st. Regarding coffee in Brisbane, I usually pop in to the smaller Brother Espresso shop on Upper Edward st. Not much of an atmosphere but the barista Bart pulls a consistent shot. The brother blend is great for...
Cheers for the detailed notes fxh, much appreciated. Where would you recommend for good espresso? Is there a Melbourne preference for roasts? Dark/light etc.That's a shame about Rocco's, I'd read so much about it and was really excited to go. I might pop in anyway and have a look around.Thanks again!
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