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Shut the fuck up.
So how much natural seed do you ingest, 4chara? How much natural seed should one ingest to stay healthy and glowing?
Farfetch up to 40% off.
Melbourne based singer, listening to her live is a very different experience than listening to her album. Understandably the sound guys tend to foreground her vocals and the dynamics are hair-raising, but the mastering on the album is a little more laid back. Full Album on Soundcloud.
That fucking zip on the MA-1.
A PSA for the Brisbane boys. Richards and Richards is consolidating and closing the Chermside menswear. The café will remain, but to clear some stock we are having a sale. The shirts are all $49, or 3 for $125. They're nothing special by SF standards but are solid basics if the cut suits you. The real bargains to be had are the trousers, jeans and casual shirts by Borrelli and Faconnable. Shoot me a PM if you'd like specifics and measurements, I'm happy to proxy.
Dat Silent and Sruli Recht in bris of all places. I'll have to pop back in there soon, I'm done with MC, SW&D is better for me.
What the fuck I didn't even know that shop existed...Guy don't you live in Melbourne?
What the fuck that is awesome.
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