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I think that there is a lot of division even amongst certain professions. One particular office may all wear french cuffs, but move to a different floor and they may all wear buttons, or not care at all. I've had customers telling me that in their circle of CEO's, banker's collars were the height of elegance, and I've had other customers tell me that the aforementioned shirts were reserved for plebs. It's all context.
Looks like Simpson to me.
It's a windowpane.
It's probably my favourite last, without seeing the Vass U in person. It's a shame they don't stock more models in that last on the webstore.
They will fit differently for people with different frames. Compare the measurements to a pair that fit you well.
Neo, I didn't know you do MC as well. Shows how new I am!
I personally don't like Derbies very much, but they are more forgiving when it comes to sizing. Maybe go for the derby considering you have wide feet?
Anyone playing Chivalry? I was pleasantly surprised by it, lots of fun and not too dominated by unlocks/ranks.
I'd call cotton suitings textured, wouldn't you? The product description also describes a "suede-like finish", which would make the fabric textured.
That depends entirely on the climate of your area if you insist on being completely congruent. A cotton jacket and denim would be completely appropriate during the shoulder seasons in Australia, though I can see how it would not work for somewhere with very cold winters and very hot summers.Another rule I think I'd add is that the jacket must have texture. Smooth worsteds look too dressy for denim, so wool linen/mohair/cashmere/slubby silk blends balance texturally with...
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