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Why, boner.
Razele where did you get your Hanes from? Online? I can't wait for winter either, suede A-1 on the way!
Start by hemming everything that needs to be, jeans, shirts etc. Some of the shirts you have would also be benefited by shortening sleeves. You'll need to decide which shirts you will wear tuck/untucked only. A 7" drop isn't crazy abnormal, have a think about the shapes of your shirts and whether some neednslimming or not. Take note of the WAYWN posters that have a similar build.Layering is hard to do in Aus mate, wait until our "winter". I just try to stay cool in summer,...
I really like it.
I was going to ask you about this. How heavy/light is it? I like the look of it, what have you been wearing it with so far?
Do a search on the Forvm, there was a good thread with Vox and Manton giving their thoughts on how the blow should cover the collar entirely so a semi-spread collar was most appropriate, or something to that effect. Do be careful with bowties though, I've only ever seen Journeyman pull it off in person.
Make sure to eat breakfast in a stripclub at least once.
No. It's more of an aesthetic thing than anything. Just make sure your hangers are the right size and throw some cedar balls or lavender oil in your garment bag.
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