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Tie keepers are for dorks. Let it flap around!
The shanghai dumpling place on Little Bourke is fantastic, and I'm planning on visiting Movida tomorrow. As for loafers without socks:
Burgundy shell C&J Tassels were the only pair I can think of. The Kimber Tassels at Beggar Man thief looked quite nice, reasonably priced too.
That's an interesting last, Butler. Fantastic photography as always.
Can we have a NSFW picture subforum in DT so I don't have to wade through countless threads filled with Hampton jerking off? DT used to be great, but now all of the quality is being drowned in shitty soft-core repetition.
Dude the pulling will probably go away if you just undo the bottom button
Did you watch the last UFC?
Another for 9cm widths Jas.
Dat roll
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