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I'm visiting Melbourne for a week from the 14th of February and I'm making a list of places to visit. So far I have: - Azzaro's - Henry Bucks - Beggar Man Thief - Double Monk - Rocco's Shoes - Harrold's Brisbane is pretty desolate as far as menswear goes so I am going to be like a child in a candystore. Do you Melbourne boys have any recommendations for other places of interest? I wouldn't mind having a G&T or two with you all.
^ Count me in.
^ That's right, welting and sewing on the outsole are two different operations. If St. Crispin's claim hand welted, then they would be well within their rights to, but they are not fully hand made. Does anyone know if they hand-click their uppers too?
Viccel socks are alright, but they tend fade fairly quickly and only the "winter weights" are worth buying. I bought 10 pairs or so a while back, I'm a little bored lack of patterns now too.I usually use a cardholder because I don't have many cards to carry, but when I want to look and feel like a nonce I break out the breastwallet.
Anything in 36R?
Slowly learning
Feathers are much sharper than Derby's so do be cautious on your first shave with them. I have finer hair so feathers give me a fantastic close shave with minimal passes.
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