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I know someone already said this in the SW&D threak, but it would look better with a less CBD shirt. OCBD?
Most of them are at Pitti atm as well.
Thank you for all the Recs and tips guys, now all I have to worry about is spending too much money while I'm there!
Collages steezin since 1991.
I'll be in Melbourne for a week on a holiday with two friends of mine. The lane ways sound unlike anything in Brisbane, should be a treat. I have some friends that have moved to Melbourne so I hope they can give me a tour. We're staying in the Ibis on Little Bourke st. Regarding coffee in Brisbane, I usually pop in to the smaller Brother Espresso shop on Upper Edward st. Not much of an atmosphere but the barista Bart pulls a consistent shot. The brother blend is great for...
Cheers for the detailed notes fxh, much appreciated. Where would you recommend for good espresso? Is there a Melbourne preference for roasts? Dark/light etc.That's a shame about Rocco's, I'd read so much about it and was really excited to go. I might pop in anyway and have a look around.Thanks again!
I'm visiting Melbourne for a week from the 14th of February and I'm making a list of places to visit. So far I have: - Azzaro's - Henry Bucks - Beggar Man Thief - Double Monk - Rocco's Shoes - Harrold's Brisbane is pretty desolate as far as menswear goes so I am going to be like a child in a candystore. Do you Melbourne boys have any recommendations for other places of interest? I wouldn't mind having a G&T or two with you all.
^ Count me in.
^ That's right, welting and sewing on the outsole are two different operations. If St. Crispin's claim hand welted, then they would be well within their rights to, but they are not fully hand made. Does anyone know if they hand-click their uppers too?
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