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But it doesn't have any pockets??
While you're here @dieworkwear, any other fashun podcasts you recommend? Thanks for the Care Tags rec.
Is there anything that Abbot won't ruin?
Thanks for the heads up man. I think I'm closer to your size so it looks like we're competing now hahaha.
@Bam!ChairDance We don't cop import tax unless the item is valued over 1k. I can't really afford his clothes right now, so I'd want to fondle them and try them on before convincing myself to kop. I've been visiting Herm├ęs and seeing his work there(which is great) but that is even more expensive, no way I'm talking myself into that stuff
The outerwear and trouser cuts as always are on point, but I still can't get on board with his tailored jackets. Silhouette of the trench and shorts is a killer. I wish there was just one stockist in Australia
Whereabouts in Australia are you based? It's going to be easier to layer coming up to winter, which will help a lot. My trans* and fluid friends tend to wear oversized, that vary from unisex to "masculine". The oversized look masks whatever you're packing underneath. I use it often because I am skinny as fuck. Look for a slightly dropped shoulder on jackets, with loose sleeves and midsection. What is the aesthetic you're trying to achieve? Are you after the classic...
I've been looking at a jacket SP has but everything is so expensive. I really don't like all the ankle support on the sneakers, but it makes sense with the jodhpurs from previous seasons showing the same silhouette.
Manton is a long time scholar of Machiavelli and authored a book called The Suit. It's modelled on The Prince, and is supposed to be a comprehensive guide to wearing classic menswear. I bought it for cheap from Book Depository alongside The Prince and read them both, which was good for me as a youngun.
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