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Can we have a NSFW picture subforum in DT so I don't have to wade through countless threads filled with Hampton jerking off? DT used to be great, but now all of the quality is being drowned in shitty soft-core repetition.
Dude the pulling will probably go away if you just undo the bottom button
Did you watch the last UFC?
Another for 9cm widths Jas.
Dat roll
All of my trousers have cuffs, as I find they add weight to the hem of the pant and create a cleaner line through the leg when coupled with no break. As far as pleats+cuffs, I have no opinion to offer as my trousers are all flat front.My cuffs are all 2 inches as I'm just over 6 feet tall. Cuffs kind of help you to distinguish yourself from the others as they are not very common these days.
Mensbiz is stocking samples of some Penhaglion's fragrances, I think you only pay shipping. I think I'll try the Blenheim Bouquet, I love citrus. EDIT: Seems like a subscribers only offer, here are the links to the samples. Blenheim Bouquet Opus 1870 Sartorial
What do you expect them to do? They can't send you another suit because it will have to be altered anyway, and they can't reimburse you until they confirm it is a defective product.
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