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I've tried to contact them about an item and haven't received a reply, it's been a week or so.
Army green isn't exactly a common colour for suiting fabrics. I emailed and asked about colour options and was told a dark grey or charcoal would also be available. I was hoping that the light grey flannel would also be available, but it would probably have durability issues. I dunno why you'd want contrast ribbing tbh.
I bought a III and it was too small, and I'm exactly your height. A IV should fit fine.On a related note, if anyone is after a III in the Sisian, PM me.
Perhaps sneaker heads don't like Macklemore because his song "Wing$" actually calls them out for being wholly brainwashed by consumerism.— F.E. Castleberry (@FECastleberry) March 7, 2013
Just after you posted this the 10's went out of stock
Your descriptions of each brand made me click on every link, I really enjoyed this!
I've seen a few pairs of Church's, and I honestly wasn't too impressed by their recent offerings. Their shoes from before the Prada takeover are very nice, and wear very well, but the leather, design and last choices have been less than favourable since the acquisition.
The Macquarie? Or perhaps the Turnout? I think those are the only two boots on the rounded toe last.
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