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You're mad because people won't ship express at their expense all the way to Australia? Be thankful that they even offer free standard, they're shipping clothes to you from the literal other side of the world. I used to get mad about paying anywhere up to $60 for shipping, but I think it helps you really consider if what you're buying is worth it.
Stitches has been around a long time on the CM side, and had been trying to learn SW&D for a minute. That was his first really good fit after crossing over.
Yeah mang got a Canon AE-1, I've been shooting on Portra 160 recently and it needs a lot of light, but it makes some really flat shots so vibrant. I'll probably try the 400 next.
He's just ahead of the game, Lang doco/biopic is coming.
Turtleneck under that sweater was a great move, looks good toasty.
holstspenders? what will they think of next??
Quality is probably the same, the only thing that seems different is the sock liner. I like the off white of the PS better than all white CP's though. They seem to be on the same margom sole so they will be as sleek as trainers can be really.
holy shit
This is great, I like the boots over the dainty shoes from your alt.
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